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SportsGuy Says: America Has a Strong Moral Responsibility!

You asked what land I love the best, Iowa, tis Iowa,
The fairest State of all the west, Iowa, O! Iowa,
From yonder Mississippi’s stream
To where Missouri’s waters gleam
O! fair it is as poet’s dream, Iowa, in Iowa.

Song of Iowa words by S.H.M. Byers to the traditional melody of “O, Tannenbaum.”

Wow! Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! It is currently 52* with clear skies at 8:00 PM and all is well on a Friday night. So quiet and DARK compared to last week. There is no spotlight shining in my window in anticipation of partying rioters. Fall is winding down.

But hey, the flowers in the courtyard are still blooming! Seriously, the impatiens and marigolds and other flowers are still out there putting forth the color and it’s NOVEMBER. It’s FIFTY-TWO DEGREES FAHRENHEIT outside at eight o’clock in the evening! In WISCONSIN!

What’s with that? All together now: GLOBAL WARMING!

How much do you want to bet that the Republicans change their stance on the issue of Global Warming as more and more public opinion polls bring in results like this one in Iowa?

Poll: Iowa Sportsmen Say Global Warming Must Be Curbed

DES MOINES, Iowa, November 2, 2007 (ENS) – Three-quarters of Iowa hunters and anglers responding to a new public opinion poll say America has a strong moral responsibility to act now to limit the worst effects of global warming. The statewide poll was released Wednesday by the National Wildlife Federation.

The poll shows that of the sportsmen who say they will vote in January’s caucuses, only nine percent have decided who they will support. And 66 percent of respondents said conservation is just as important to them as gun rights issues, if not more important.

W00t! You Go Iowa!

The people have spoken; let the people be heard! To the polls everyone! To the polls!


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It’s An Enemy to All Mankind! WAR! What Is It Good For?

(You can listen to this great song from the60s/70s protests on youtube while you read if you want. Then listen again and watch the images.)

War! huh-yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing
Say it again y’all

Edwin Starr

oooOOooo. In todays University of Wisconsin-Madison “The Daily Cardinal, ” I found this little gem:

Anti-war group plans Halliburton protest

By: Jenny Berg / The Daily Cardinal
The Campus Anti-war Network will protest on Bascom Hill at noon Thursday.
20070918_news_antiwarnet_storyCharlie Baker / The Daily Cardinal

The Campus Anti-war Network met Monday night to discuss and plan the upcoming protest of Halliburton’s presence at the College of Engineering Career Fair this Thursday.

The protesters will meet atop Bascom Hill at noon Thursday for a rally, and then march to the Engineering Building, where they will attempt to block the recruitment process, sitting and standing in front of the Halliburton booth.

This is no doubt tied to this September 11th announcement in “The Dallas Morning News” which has caused quite a buzz across the nation about Hunt Oils and its close ties to Halliburton not to mention speculation that Hunt apparently is betting against the current government in Baghdad having any influence on the Khurds.

Hunt Oil signs contract to explore for oil in Iraq

One risk: Deal with Kurds bypassed national government
12:00 AM CDT on Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hunt Oil Co. took a leap of faith over the weekend by agreeing to become the largest U.S. energy company to explore for oil in Iraq since the war began.

If all goes well, the Dallas oil company, with its close White House ties, acquires an early foothold in an important oil patch.

“The region as a whole looks very promising,” said Jeanne Phillips, a spokeswoman for Hunt Oil, adding that the company does not yet know how much oil its concession could produce.

Hunt created a company called Hunt Oil Co. of the Kurdistan Region to handle the contract. Hunt signed the deal with a partner, Impulse Energy Corp., a private Canadian company that invests in energy companies.

Or maybe he just doesn’t care who has any influence anywhere in Iraq especially not the centralized government in Baghdad. The attitude seems to be tt’s AMERICAN OIL now, damnit, we’ve shed blood for it, we’ve thoroughly fucked your country over for it, now give it to us. Here are your $24,000,000 worth of seashells. Damnit we got Manhattan for only $24 worth of those things. Inflation! Inflation! Inflation!

I am uber excited to see the University of Wisconsin students concerned and involved, raising their voices in chorus with other protesters all over the nation who are against this war, including the one in Washington DC the 15th of September.




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Welcome Back

See the names have all changed since I been around
But the game ain’t the same since I left out
Ooh you know we need ya, ooh you know we need ya
Right here is where we need ya, right here is where we need ya
Welcome back..
Welcome back, welcome back…

Welcome Back by Mase

The UW students are back in town and the Badger football team has already won a game against Washington State 42-21 to jumpstart the season. The University will open its doors and begin educating young minds again tomorrow.

“The Daily Cardinal”, celebrating its 115th birthday this year, put out its first edition on the 27th with a brand new look. According to Jill Klosterman “The Daily Cardinal”

… balanced suggestions for a modernized look with a desire to maintain timeless appeal.

As a result, the new Daily Cardinal is classy, classic and takes our motto-“complete campus coverage”-to an entirely new level.

The lead story online is the uncertainty about whether or not all of the students eligible for WHEG grants will receive them because the state of Wisconsin has failed to pass a budget. These are low income students who typically get an average of $2,100 in grants from the state. That’s a lot of cash for a student to make up the shortfall for. There are about 75 students in Madison who will be affected but around 3,800 statewide.

Wisconsin is the only state in the union that hasn’t passed a budget this year. It’s September for crying out loud! We’re going to start keeping track of how many shopping days we have left until Christmas right soon. (Not all that many, folks, warm up those charge cards!) So why haven’t our lawmakers passed a budget? Partisan politics, bickering, and power struggles. Freaking ridiculous!

The low income students in our University of Wisconsin system are just an example of the problems this has caused. The state Medicaid system has been ordered to find a way to shave 20% off of its costs for the coming months because they have no money to pay the bills and don’t know if they will get the increase they have requested. That means fewer services like transportation to and from the doctors’ offices for low income elderly and disabled.

The city threw its annual Taste of Madison Labor Day Weekend party to welcome the students back. Taste of Madison always draws huge crowds of people to the Capitol Square and this year was no exception. There were over a 100,000 people milling about sampling the yummy goodness of Madison restaurants on Sunday. Bluphies gets my vote for the winner of unfettered decadence. Deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough egg rolls! Non trans fat, of course.

The weather has cooperated and this end of summer party could not have asked for a better forecast. Sunny skies, low humidity and warm temperatures. No more deluge of rain and flash flood warnings. It’s good to see the sun for the second weekend in a row. The water level on the lakes is still high enough to warrant a no wake restriction, however. That puts a bit of a damper on the fun. No wake=no water sports.

Hopefully it will be just as nice next weekend and we won’t get anymore rain here or anywhere else in the state because next week is the Ironman Triathalon. Prefer something a little tamer? The city of Madison has historic walking tours listed on its site. The Madison Trust for Historic Preservation leads several tours in the downtown area every Saturday.

Judging by the laughter and good vibrations from State Street lasting until the wee hours of the morning this weekend the kids had a good time settling in! The city “feels right” again.

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Illegal Immigration or Racism?

¡Hola, amiguitos! ¿Cómo están?
¡Hola, amiguitos! ¿Cómo están?
Hoy venimos a jugar
luego vamos a cantar
y así nos podemos saludar.

Hello, how are you my friends?
Hello, how are you my friends?

Author Unknown

It looks like the Big Boyz with their Big Toyz are going to get their job done within the scheduled time period in my neighborhood. They’ve had plenty of sunny days to be out there doing their best to keep us elderly and disabled from our daily naps with their big noisy toyz but undaunted, I just pulled my ear plugs out of the cute little wooden box I keep on my bedstand and proved I can sleep through anything!

Gina, our activities director, told me the management here at the Three Threes had only two days notice that the city was going to start this project. That’s why they had a whole slew of people crawling all over this complex washing windows a week before the jackhammers came in and created so much dust you couldn’t even tell that those nice girls had come in and made my windows all nice and shiny.

Speaking of the window washers they were all Hispanic and out of thirty or so I’ll bet only five of them spoke English well enough to carry on a conversation. It occurred to me to wonder if they were illegal immigrants.

When all the Mexican hordes come to invade us and take away the vegetables in all of our truck farms and cart it all south, will someone wake me? I am so sick of hearing about/reading about this illegal immigration BS from the perspective that the people working in these jobs are the criminals. Why don’t people ever complain about the real criminals in this legal issue–the employers who hire people they don’t bother to document as legal citizens or having a legal visa. The employers who advertise that they have jobs available her in the USA.

My son took a job once at a large laundry/uniform supplier here in town that he believed knowingly hired illegal immigrants. He hated that job which was totally misrepresented to him in the first place. He was completely over qualified for it and what they had him doing most of the time was dangerous scut work. He said that the vast majority of the people who worked there didn’t speak a word of English. One of the reasons he got hired was his ability to speak Spanish. All of their management and technical staff were required to speak enough Spanish to communicate with the rest of the employees.

He quit after two weeks and several second degree burns on his arms because he found a much better job that would be a better use for his technical skills and level of education but he also quit because he knew that the company was operating illegally. He didn’t know how to report it though and he didn’t want to get the poor people who were working so hard to better their lives in trouble.

A year later I read that the company had been cited for not complying with the regulations for checking employee’s identities to determine if they were legally allowed to work in this country. They were also cited for minimum wage violations and overtime violations. This is a huge class action suit.

In my opinion, we can’t stop the flow of illegal immigration if there are going to be employers willing to hire these people and help them get false documents. Anti-immigration people are always going on about how the illegal aliens are stealing jobs from Americans but this is not true. It is the criminal employers who are stealing the jobs from Americans by hiring people who are willing to work at slave wages. Seriously, do you really believe they don’t know these people are in this country illegally? Do you really believe they think they could get away with paying Ameircan citizens those kinds of wages?

I don’t even understand why there can’t be a free flow of people across the borders. Anti-Immigration people act as if there is no way to put an end to the so-called abuses of the welfare system they are always pointing out as such a hazard. Let the Mexicans move freely across the borders and compete for the jobs and there will be welfare fraud. Personally I think that is probably greatly exaggerated but IF it is true then plug those holes. Wisconsin has done that with domestic abuse of the problems and other states can do it too.

Frankly, I think this big to-do over illegal immigration is more a fear of whites becoming a minority in this country and it is racism in its worst form because it can be hidden behind other words and other issues. Just like the English as the only language allowed in the US issue is really a racial prejudice issue.

We need to identify what these issues are really abas a society because calling them something else doesn’t fool the Hispanic people. They know and they are watching and getting angrier and angrier. Some day soon Caucasians are going to be the minority race in this country and we are going to have to accept that and deal with it. Maybe this hyped up push to close our southern border is really a reflection of the fear of knowing that you reap what you sow.


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Six Months Before Iowa

In religion and politics, people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination.

Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)

So…Hillary Rodham Clinton is way ahead in the “Newsweek” poll (conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates on 8/1) that show her getting 44% of the vote versus 23% going to Barack Obama and 14% going to John Edwards. The voters in Iowa are more fickle. According to a “Washington Post-ABC News” poll the top three candidates are virtually tied with Obama having a slight edge at 27% over Clinton and Edwards who each have 26%.

In Iowa “Though Clinton is seen by Iowa voters as the strongest leader and most electable candidate, her rivals get higher marks for likeability, (sic)  the Post reported.” Hillary is going to have to get out there and press some palms in the corn fields in the next six months. Do some schmoozing and kiss a lot of babies. I wonder how she’ll play at the church socials with the chicken and home made biscuits and noodles crowd…

According to Fox News out of Milwaukee (I know but it was the most up to date poll I could find.  What’re you gonna do?)  Wisconsin Polls show Hilary out in front with 39.5% of the voters committed to her, Barack trailing with 24.8% and John with a dismal 10.5%.  We like Al Gore here in Wisconsin and there are 13% of us who are going to write him in whether he wants to be president or not.  Let’s all go hug a tree! ;^>

The Democrats are going to have to take a lesson from the Republicans and stop trying to appeal primarily to the rational mind according to Drew Westen. in his book “The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation.” Hillary should understand this since Bill Clinton was a mastermind at it. In fact, I read an interview about Bill becoming the ‘first gentleman’ and whether or not he’d be giving tea parties for other heads of states wives. He said of course he would be willing to do whatever Hillary wanted him to do as her spouse.

The thought of him taking on that role tickled me so much I realized that even though I don’t like Hillary all that much I’d like to have Bill as the first ‘first husband’ in the White Houe so much that I might just vote for her to accomplish that.  Then there are the Vice President rumors.  What if whoever got the Presidential nomination named Bill Clinton as his running mate.  Could it be done?

Well, according to this article in the “Washington Post it’s clearly a possibility.  ”

Clinton could be vice president because he is only barred from being elected president a third time, not from serving as president. That’s the argument of Scott E. Gant, a partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner in Washington, and Bruce G. Peabody, an assistant professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey…”In preventing individuals from being elected to the presidency more than twice, the amendment does not preclude a former president from again assuming the presidency by means other than election, including succession from the vice presidency,” they wrote. “If this view is correct, then Clinton is not ‘constitutionally ineligible to the office of president,’ and is not barred by the 12th Amendment from being elected vice president.”

Of course more than likely the Republicans would tie any attempt by Hillary or any other Democrat to take Bill Clinton as their running mate up in a constitutional challenge that would destroy the campaign and might lead to a delay in the actual election or cause the results to be nullified if the Democratic nominee  and running mate Bill Clinton were found to be an unlawful set of candidates.  I doubt if anyone would dare to take the risk in such an important election.

Hillary should play up the fact that she’s bringing Bill and his expertise along.  Subtly of course.  Mustn’t portray herself as the little woman too weak to manage on her own, flying in on her husband’s coat tails.   Just pointing out what an asset she’s got at her side. With Bill in the White House as the First Husband, he will be the Co-Vice President defacto.  What a team they would make. As it gets closer to election time I imagine he’ll be hitting the campaign trail for her and her ratings will probably soar due to his ability to draw people in..

Obama better start picking up the pace here and wowing people a little more than he has been. He can’t just rely on a campaign style he borrowed from Jimmy Carter to carry him through. I mean he’s a nice enough guy but his inexperience is showing and that’s going to pop him in the arse in more ways than one.  I’m not sure I would even want him for a Vice President at this point.

I absolutely adore Dennis Kucinich and always have since I met him in 1992. There is a man of passion and zeal.  He’s about as liberal as you can get and when you hear him speak it’s like listening to an old time Tent Revival Preacher.  He really makes you believe in the Democratic party and the ideals that they stand for.  But he only gets 1-3% of the vote, primarily because he is too liberal.   I’d love to see him named as Vice President but if not they should hire Kucinich to campaign for whoever is nominated (if he’d do it) and I think they’d see some real results.

Edwards couldn’t get my vote if he stood on his head and ate soup and I can’t even tell you exactly why. I just don’t like him. I just never have.  Al Gore is too happy doing what he is doing.  I wouldn’t want to disturb the zen connection he has found in life working to make this world a better place.  We need men like him fighting that fight and I don’t think he’d make a good president fighting the battles the next president is going to have to fight.

To be honest with you I don’t have a good feeling about any of the current contenders.  Democrat or Republican.  None of them really inspire the kind of confidence in me that I need to feel during these trying times.  I want to know that the next person who sits in the Oval office will be someone with nerves of steel who isn’t xenophobic and has a calm thoughful temperment that doesn’t flare up into acting on anger.  I want someone who isn’t a fundamentalist religious fantatic.  I want someone who really cares about the people who elected him or her.  I want fundamental changes in this country not just business as usual.


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What if Bush Vetos the Withdrawal Bill?

Well, what if he does? Everyone is all excited and pre-occupied by this question. Like it makes any difference. We aren’t getting out of this mess before the elections in 2008 even if he doesn’t Then we can do whatever in hell we want without that sock puppet affecting the issue one way or another anyway.

Another 14 months one way or another really isn’t going to make one hell of a lot of difference. It’s going to take that long to argue about how we are going to withdraw our troops. Doesn’t anyone remember Vietnam? Nixon? sheesh…

What we really want is to hold Bush accountable. Nobody is going to hold Bush accountable except history unless we spank his ass with an impeachment for lying to us. Maybe this is the build up to getting serious about THAT. If he won’t listen to what everyone is saying about getting the hell out then we’ll all start yelling LOUDER about

Why in hell did you take us there in the first place? Why did you lie to us you Jerk?

Instead of just muttering into our collars about it.

Maybe if we took to the streets and started carrying signs around stating our positions about the matter. Maybe if we weren’t all so afraid of our telephones being bugged and our names being on lists and that damn Patriot Act.

Maybe we should talk about that Patriot Act and civil protest and what it would mean if we said HELL NO, THIS IS NOT RIGHT and then said our name. Maybe that would mean something.

Maybe if more of us would do that we’d get somewhere besides shafted.

Barbara Gavin-Lewellyn

Madison, WI