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What if Bush Vetos the Withdrawal Bill?

Well, what if he does? Everyone is all excited and pre-occupied by this question. Like it makes any difference. We aren’t getting out of this mess before the elections in 2008 even if he doesn’t Then we can do whatever in hell we want without that sock puppet affecting the issue one way or another anyway.

Another 14 months one way or another really isn’t going to make one hell of a lot of difference. It’s going to take that long to argue about how we are going to withdraw our troops. Doesn’t anyone remember Vietnam? Nixon? sheesh…

What we really want is to hold Bush accountable. Nobody is going to hold Bush accountable except history unless we spank his ass with an impeachment for lying to us. Maybe this is the build up to getting serious about THAT. If he won’t listen to what everyone is saying about getting the hell out then we’ll all start yelling LOUDER about

Why in hell did you take us there in the first place? Why did you lie to us you Jerk?

Instead of just muttering into our collars about it.

Maybe if we took to the streets and started carrying signs around stating our positions about the matter. Maybe if we weren’t all so afraid of our telephones being bugged and our names being on lists and that damn Patriot Act.

Maybe we should talk about that Patriot Act and civil protest and what it would mean if we said HELL NO, THIS IS NOT RIGHT and then said our name. Maybe that would mean something.

Maybe if more of us would do that we’d get somewhere besides shafted.

Barbara Gavin-Lewellyn

Madison, WI


2 thoughts on “What if Bush Vetos the Withdrawal Bill?

  1. Maya says:

    What about the Iraqi people who will be left to clean up the mess? The troops should come home and Bush’s sorry ass should be shipped to Iraq to sort out the anarchy he started. Some one has to be held responsible.

  2. bairbresine says:

    That’s a very good point, Maya. We’ effed up a society that was not perfect (are we?) run by a leader we did not approve of (does the world approve of Mr Bush?) and now we want to walk away. At least it was the most secular society in the middle east. The Iraqi women had rights. They participated in society and even held political offices. Will that happen with the religious freaks that are currently vying for power? I think not. What a mess we have made of the world.


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