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Driving Down Park Street…

The feet are the gateway to 10,000 illnesses.

Tell a FriendJapanese Proverb

I went to get my B12 shot today and on the drive home got my favorite Badger Cab driver Mike. He’s the best because of his patience and attitude towards the developmentally differently abled kids who ride with him often on their way to and from school and work. He’s got respect oozing out of his pores.

As we drove past St. Mary’s Hospital, I finally made up my mind that the new addition is just plain fugly. I’m disappointed because Madison architects have been making an excellent showing in recent years of buildings that look like they belong with the character of the older neighborhoods they are inhabiting.

The new St Mary’s addition is cold and stark. There is nothing about it that says welcome and inspires me to believe that I would find comfort and succor during an illness. It doesn’t even look efficient. Just fugly.


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Badgers On the Move

Cab Driver, once more round the block
Never mind the ticking of the clock
I only wish we could have a talk
Cab Driver, once more round the block

The Mills Brothers

Between the Dr’s office and meself I got all confused today. I called up to make an appointment and the lady in the business office who was making the arrangements for the Badger Cab rides asked me if I had made cab ride arrangements for my B12 shot appointment this afternoon.

I’m like ‘What? that’s usually on the first Tuesday of the month’ but whatever I’ll go with the flow and didn’t say anything so I said, “No I don’t think so. Sure send a cab.” wondering where the hell did September go? Damn life keeps speeding away from me.

So I’m sitting there waiting for the cab and Mel is waiting for a cab and we see one drive by but it didn’t stop so we wait some more. And then we start getting antsy. So Mel calls and while he’s on the phone his cab comes and he hands the phone to me. There’s no order for a cab for me.

The dispatcher transfers me upstairs (I always wonder if there really is an upstairs or if that’s just dispatcher code for higher up the chain of command) and my cab ride is set up for tomorrow just like I thought it should be.

Boy I felt foolish but those Badger dispatch guys were nice about it. They treated it like it was all in a day’s business. No biggie. They sure are good guys to do business with.

So tomorrow I’ll get to take a little ride with the Badger Boys and Girls. Badger Cab–Madison’s only shared cab ride. Save money and help the environment as well!


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Good Day Sunshine!

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I’ve got something I can laugh about
I feel good, in a special way
I’m in love and it’s a sunny day

Good day Sunshine!

John Lennon & Paul McCartney recorded by The Beatles 1966

One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick.

Rabbi Harold Kushner

I had the Badger Cab Company come and haul me off to see Dr Ted Week again this morning. It was such a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I was feeling so much better after my adjustment that coming home I had them drop me off on the Capitol Square so I could stop by the Wednesday Farmer’s Market on Martin Luther King Drive since I had a $10 bill burning a hole in my pocket.

I wanted to see if I could find a nice spiky plant for the pot I have to transplant my fern out of. At Indian Trail Greenhouses I found just what I was looking for. But alas I forgot to ask the little fella’s name. He’s got a purple cast to him and what a bargain he was at $2.00! I’ll just call him Spike. He’s a healthy little guy!

So I felt more than justified to spend $4.25 on a gorgeous little Wandering Jew AKA the more politically correct Zebrina over at The Salad Garden. She’s just adorable.  My Grandmother grew this plant on her north porch and taught me how to pinch the new leaves back to keep it from getting “leggy.” Someone has certainly been pinching this little lady’s cheeks because she is as chubby as she can be!  I was just enchanted with her the moment I saw her.

Does anyone else think their plants have male and female characteristics?  Do you give them names?  I have four different Philodendrons in the apartement and they are all started from cuttings from the same plant. I had five but I sent one down to live in the office downstairs because it was stuffy in there and Erica swore she couldn’t keep a plant alive.  If she can kill a Philodendron in water she’s a miracle worker.

Anyway, back to the point, of the four Phillys left  3 of mine are girls and one is a gay guy.  His name is Oscar.  He’s ailing too. I keep moving him around trying to find the right spot for him but he just won’t thrive.  I think he’s lonely and I should get him a new friend.  I think Spike might be a little too aggressive for him. Any suggestions?

My Spider plant Matilda is finally beginning to thrive since I took her out of any  direct sunlight at all and and got her higher than Patches could reach to eat her babies. But I have to divy her up and/or repot her because she’s so root bound she can’t possibly be able to breathe in that corset she’s wearing.

I got back home in time for a nice lunch at the Senior Center. It was this month’s Birthday dinner and Tim the Balloon Man was there to make creations for us. I got a Tahitian hat. But I have to be careful how I wear it because if I put the flowers over the wrong ear it indicates I’m available and all the fellas will be chasing me down. Tim said so. The race is on!

I felt so much better after my adjustment that I came home and did some chores around the house, spent quite a bit of time writing and cut out an outfit from that butterfly tie dye fabric at Hancock’s Farbric out at Westgate Mall I just had to have a few weeks ago. It takes awhile for me to get any one of those things done as I can’t sit or stand in any one position for any length of time so I’m constantly switching from project to project. I really took a bad header this time.

Ted and his sister Laura have kept me on my feet and moving forward for nine years but especially since I took a terrible fall at the Memorial Union at the University three years ago. I owe them my mobility and probably my independence.


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Drop Me Off At the Three Threes, Please!

I went to the Week Chiropractor Clinic today and took a Badger Cab. The Three Threes is cabby dispatch lingo for the building I live in. I feel so rich when I ride around Madison in a cab but to tell the truth Medical Assistance pays for it, thank the powers that be. I could never afford to do it on my own.
They pay for cab rides to all my Doctors appointments if I have to get there by cab. I try not to abuse that privilege and had I been going anywhere else, I would have taken a bus on such a beautiful day but taking one of those bone jolters after getting your spine adjusted seems like an exercise in futility to me.

My favorite cabby was dispatching today. He recognized my voice and definitely knew the last name. He’s such a nice kid (same age as my son). Badger is a shared ride cab service. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper that way but it can make for some interesting encounters during the journey. You never know how your fellow travelers are going to be dressed, behave or smell. They may be talkative or you might be able to cut the silence with a knife. It can get interesting when the cab gets filled to the hilt with four (or more if one or two are kids who can sit on Mama’s lap) passengers.My favorite driver works with the developmentally challenged kids a lot. Probably because he’s very good with them and they love him. Somehow, I get to ride with him and the kids a lot. Maybe because I don’t mind their quirks and I’m good with them too. Maybe just because I’m in their path.

We had one really interesting experience with a young lady who didn’t want to go to school and refused to get out of the cab. Mike said she had pulled this trick before and they had almost broken her legs getting her out. So he went to get her teacher and while he was gone I asked her how much it would cost me to get her out of the cab nicely.

She said she wasn’t going to school. I told her I didn’t care if she went to school, I just wanted her to get out of the cab so I wasn’t late to my Drs appointment. I pulled a nickle out of my pocket and asked her if she’d get out of the cab for that much. She broke into a big grin and took it and ran out and wrapped herself around a metal fence pole just as the teacher and Mike came out the door.

Mike and I were free to go and it was up to the teacher to get her off the fence. It was the dead of winter so I doubt it took all that long. What a hoot!

I’ve had a bad back since I was eighteen and was with my husband when he rolled half a load of raw sewage down an embankment in Jackson, Michigan. Don’t ask, it wasn’t pleasant. <heh>  We walked away from it seemingly unscathed except for a scrape on my elbow and a bump on his head. But I woke up the next day with a backache that didn’t end 6 1/2 months later when my nine pound 3 ounce son was born.

Drs. Ted and Laura Week keep me on my feet and moving forward. Especially after a nasty fall that reaggravated and added insult to that old injury more than two years ago. Their family has been in the Chiropractic business for 85 years and their father was a good friend of Dr Gonstead of Mt. Horeb

Week’s Chiropract Clinic is on Winnebago Street a short walk from St Vincent DePaul’s Thrift Store on Williamson Street (AKA Willy St) which I will sometimes walk too and then back again to the clinic before I go home because a walk is the best thing to do to let your spine get used to being “in place” after an adjustment. You can really get some good bargains at St Vinny’s. I picked up some brand new dress shirts for my son for a dollar apiece and a brand new brand name jean jacket for myself for a dollar as well as jeans for less than $10.00 for myself just the other day.

I love this city!