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Illegal Immigration or Racism?

¡Hola, amiguitos! ¿Cómo están?
¡Hola, amiguitos! ¿Cómo están?
Hoy venimos a jugar
luego vamos a cantar
y así nos podemos saludar.

Hello, how are you my friends?
Hello, how are you my friends?

Author Unknown

It looks like the Big Boyz with their Big Toyz are going to get their job done within the scheduled time period in my neighborhood. They’ve had plenty of sunny days to be out there doing their best to keep us elderly and disabled from our daily naps with their big noisy toyz but undaunted, I just pulled my ear plugs out of the cute little wooden box I keep on my bedstand and proved I can sleep through anything!

Gina, our activities director, told me the management here at the Three Threes had only two days notice that the city was going to start this project. That’s why they had a whole slew of people crawling all over this complex washing windows a week before the jackhammers came in and created so much dust you couldn’t even tell that those nice girls had come in and made my windows all nice and shiny.

Speaking of the window washers they were all Hispanic and out of thirty or so I’ll bet only five of them spoke English well enough to carry on a conversation. It occurred to me to wonder if they were illegal immigrants.

When all the Mexican hordes come to invade us and take away the vegetables in all of our truck farms and cart it all south, will someone wake me? I am so sick of hearing about/reading about this illegal immigration BS from the perspective that the people working in these jobs are the criminals. Why don’t people ever complain about the real criminals in this legal issue–the employers who hire people they don’t bother to document as legal citizens or having a legal visa. The employers who advertise that they have jobs available her in the USA.

My son took a job once at a large laundry/uniform supplier here in town that he believed knowingly hired illegal immigrants. He hated that job which was totally misrepresented to him in the first place. He was completely over qualified for it and what they had him doing most of the time was dangerous scut work. He said that the vast majority of the people who worked there didn’t speak a word of English. One of the reasons he got hired was his ability to speak Spanish. All of their management and technical staff were required to speak enough Spanish to communicate with the rest of the employees.

He quit after two weeks and several second degree burns on his arms because he found a much better job that would be a better use for his technical skills and level of education but he also quit because he knew that the company was operating illegally. He didn’t know how to report it though and he didn’t want to get the poor people who were working so hard to better their lives in trouble.

A year later I read that the company had been cited for not complying with the regulations for checking employee’s identities to determine if they were legally allowed to work in this country. They were also cited for minimum wage violations and overtime violations. This is a huge class action suit.

In my opinion, we can’t stop the flow of illegal immigration if there are going to be employers willing to hire these people and help them get false documents. Anti-immigration people are always going on about how the illegal aliens are stealing jobs from Americans but this is not true. It is the criminal employers who are stealing the jobs from Americans by hiring people who are willing to work at slave wages. Seriously, do you really believe they don’t know these people are in this country illegally? Do you really believe they think they could get away with paying Ameircan citizens those kinds of wages?

I don’t even understand why there can’t be a free flow of people across the borders. Anti-Immigration people act as if there is no way to put an end to the so-called abuses of the welfare system they are always pointing out as such a hazard. Let the Mexicans move freely across the borders and compete for the jobs and there will be welfare fraud. Personally I think that is probably greatly exaggerated but IF it is true then plug those holes. Wisconsin has done that with domestic abuse of the problems and other states can do it too.

Frankly, I think this big to-do over illegal immigration is more a fear of whites becoming a minority in this country and it is racism in its worst form because it can be hidden behind other words and other issues. Just like the English as the only language allowed in the US issue is really a racial prejudice issue.

We need to identify what these issues are really abas a society because calling them something else doesn’t fool the Hispanic people. They know and they are watching and getting angrier and angrier. Some day soon Caucasians are going to be the minority race in this country and we are going to have to accept that and deal with it. Maybe this hyped up push to close our southern border is really a reflection of the fear of knowing that you reap what you sow.



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