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Closing Farmer’s Market On the Capitol Square 2007

It was another gorgeous day in the neighborhood with temperatures nearing 60* under mostly sunny skies. We still haven’t had a hard frost and aren’t even going to see a light frost tonight with temperatures only dipping down into the mid to upper 30s.

What is it they say about people with a predilection for constantly discussing the weather? <grin>

Today was the last Farmer’s Market on the Square for 2007. I bought some Lemon Basil Pesto, an Eggplant, some baked goods and a wonderful arts and crafts planter for my daughter for Christmas. She is going to love it. It is so her. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it.

I’ve found the T-shirt I want to get my son-in-law online but I don’t like the price so I am going to keep hunting. I have a general idea about my son and about where to get it–right here in the neighborhood which is great but have no clue about my nephew who probably won’t be here for Christmas anyway so I have time to delay the decisions about him.

I still don’t know what to do about the #1 (biological) Gr-son although I have some ideas. Expensive ideas. <heh> #2 Gr-son is decided. #1 Gr-daughter is taken care of. #2 Gr-daughter is partially taken care of but I don’t know what else to do for her. Each child will get two gifts. With four children that’s a lot of gifts. Biological Gr-son will probably get one more because the other (foster) gr-children have other parents and gr-parents who will be giving them gifts so bio gr-kid SHOULD be favored by me, IMO.

I think #1 Gr-son might be old enough for the game Battleship. He’s good at mazes and concentration games. He’ll be eight in March. Son used to love playing that game and it was one I could play while I made dinner or helped Daughter with homework if need be.


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Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

See the curtains hangin’ in the window, in the evenin’ on a Friday night.
A little light a-shinin’ through the window, lets me know everything is alright.
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.

James Seals and Dash Croft “Summer Breeze” 1972

Another lovely but warm day in the neighborhood; 88* in June is pushing record highs here. I don’t have air conditioning but I found out today that we could have ceiling fans installed here at the Three Threes which pleased me because I don’t want air conditioning. I get lovely summer breezes off of the lake. I came home and fired up Google and found the Ceiling Fan website to beat all Ceiling Fan websites: Farrey’s

Wow! I need to tell my daughter and son about this place. They both own bungalows over in Edgerton they are restoring and Farrey’s has The Bungalow from the Casablanca Fan Company at better than reasonable prices. One or the other of them is sure to want it.

Since I’m talking about improbabilities for myself here, for the time being, money was absolutely no object so I went ahead and fantasized and got lost in ceiling fans for awhile! I finally decided that I would have to go with something fairly neutral because I want to be able to switch from winter to summer color schemes IF I had such a thing as winter and summer color schemes. One should shouldn’t they? I would if I could.

I chose the lovely Lisa from Minka Aire in shell white. I’m going to paint the bedroom a pale pale grayish blue and I’need to find a great bedspread/comforter in brick red and yellow for winter . Yes, yellow and red. It feels warm, yellow and red does .I have a lot of red in my room already. Red antique blankets hung on a quilt rack and a red and gray pillow. I’m feeling whimsical tonight. Very whimsical!

But do you know what I really want? This gorgeous Zephair floor model from the Casablanca Fan Company that looks just like the oscillating fan my Gran had when I was a kid. Doesn’t that look substantial and like something that would be a lasting presence in your life to bring those summer breezes indoors? Not to mention Classy! I’m going to tell my daughter about this as well.

Oh-h-h. I nearly forgot, my seven year old Gr-Son would love this Airplane *Fantasy fan* by Hunter in his bedroom Isn’t it just the cutest thing? It was the first thing that caught my eye when I entered the Farrey website. What a fun place to visit!

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And it’s One! Two! Three! Strikes You’re Out At the Old Ballgame

Then from 5,000 throats and more there rose a lusty yell;
It rumbled through the valley, it rattled in the dell;
It knocked upon the mountain and recoiled upon the flat,
For Casey, mighty Casey, was advancing to the bat.

There was ease in Casey’s manner as he stepped into his place;
There was pride in Casey’s bearing and a smile on Casey’s face.
And when, responding to the cheers, he lightly doffed”

Ernest Lawrence Thayer from “Casey at the Bat”
It was a slow start and the Mallards playing in Muskie uniforms were down by one before they hit their stride Saturday night (the 9th of June) and came back to finish with a crowd pleasing 9-1 rout against the Moondogs. Unfortunately by the time they began to show any strength my Grandson had lost any interest in sitting still and enjoying the game.

So we hit the souvenir stands and all that kid wanted was some plastic fish that cost 50 cents apiece although I saw him eyeing the little wooden bats. I just know his parents told him he had to go easy on Grandma’s pockets.

He really, really wanted a balloon from the balloon art guy who I happen to know from the birthday lunches at the Senior Center. Tim works for tips and I happen to know he puts in a lot of hours standing on his feet blowing up ballons at various functions. Gabe got a black (his favorite color) dinosaur and Tim got a damn good tip. I slipped a bat into my backpack as wellwhich made me Grammy Whammy #1. I’ve been saving for months for this.

We missed most of the fun stuff on the field though. By the time we got back it was almost time to go home (or rather for Gabe to get on the road for his family vacation) and we missed the last run altogether.

My son is in big trouble because he left all the healthy snacks in the truck and bought the kid everything he shouldn’t have. Daughter is peeved because she had a kid wound up tighter than an over wound watch. Oy!

Still and all, I had a good time with my Gr-son and son and we all agreed we would like to do it again. Mom and Dad said they would like to go too. I guess I better get someone to front money for the tickets because I looked for a Saturday in July and things are getting pretty skimpy already.


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Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks! I don’t care if we ever come back!

Tomorrow night is the big game my boys (son and grandson) and I are going to see between the Madison Mallards and the Mankato Moondogs at The Duck Pond. Seriously, that’s the name of our ballpark. We ain’t got nothing if we ain’t got schmaltzy sappiness in this city!

I went to the store and bought treats to take into the ballpark. I know that that isn’t exactly kosher but the Gr-Son shouldn’t consume artificial dyes and preservatives or much sugar because he is hyperactive. So I thought it best to go prepared with stuff I know won’t get him off and running that I know he enjoys and doesn’t get often. I got some of those natural white cheddar Cheetos which have no dyes or preservatives so they are healthy fried puffs of empty calories which BTW, I love; some FUZE, which makes all kinds of claims about being a slenderizing, revitalizing, blah,blah,blah energy drink but basically I think it’s just a slightly fruit flavored bottle of water in a fancy bottle; it tastes good and I’d rather pay $1.69 for FUZE that will entice my Gr-Son away from despair over not getting the Soda than pure artesian spring water I could go get on my own if I’d go looking for the springs around here; AND I got some CrackerJacks because I remember how much fun it was when Grandaddy handed them out to all of us kids when I was a little (and besides what’s a baseball game without CrackerJacks?). How’s that for a lovely run-on sentence? I’m trying on my Faulknerian style for you literary types tonight. Did I succeed? <heh>

I’ve really been writing a lot lately and feeling pretty good about it. It’s getting easier to write without a cigarette burning somewhere but still, I have a hard time sitting at the keyboard for long without getting the heebie jeebies.

I “quit” smoking Halloween night. My little Gr-Son inspired me. He would have a fit when ever he saw me having a smoke or saw my cigarettes. He’d even steal them and rip them up or hide them. He would say “Grammy, cigarettes will kill you!” What is so poignant about that is that his Gramma on his Dad’s side died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm. I can’t die on that little boy. Not anytime soon anyway and certainly not from cigarettes.

It’s been 7 months and I’m still on the Chantix. This would be hell without it. It’s merely purgatory with it. sigh… I am going to get a hypnosis tape because I’m afraid I’ll go right back to smoking a pack a day or better once the Rx is gone. I’ve been cheating pretty regularly, buying one here and there for 50 cents. I smoked for 41+ years. I’m a full blown addict.

I liked smoking, loved it. I don’t miss the coughing though. Or the stink in the house. And Patches is much more friendly. Now she wants to sit on my lap all the time or better yet, hang out onthe back of my chair. That’s sweet.

Well, I’ll keep struggling with it. Keep quitting.


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Take Me Out To the Ballgame…

I just ordered tickets for my son and grandson and me for the June 9th Madison Mallards game against the Mankato, MN Moondogs. This minor league baseball is hot stuff folks. Madison has had a great team for awhile now with good attendance and you’ve got to snap those box seats up in a hurry if you want them.We’re part of The Northwoods League. I think that means us and Minnesota and maybe they let Michigan play as a courtesy.

Sillier than snot crap happens on the field between innings that caused my beloved ex, Larry, to say with awe inspired disapproval “That would never happen at Wrigley Field.” Probably not even at The Brewer Stadium where things are a little more relaxed but we rednecks have to have a reason to drag our kids out to sit in the hot sun besides baseball bats and statistics. We also love our beer and the boys, well when they have an audience, they play for keeps.

But it is kind of ridiculous to have people chanting “give us another beer” when a batter is about to get three strikes in a row because the house gives half-price off on the beers. Nothing like a stadium full of drunkards because the home team is winning. :^/ Not to mention the poor sportmanship it shows. Oh well…

But let’s take a look at that name–the Madison Mallards? Yeah, I know…it sucks having a big old duck for a mascot. A big old yellow and green and red duck. Quack quack. But I gotta get me one of these hats! It could be worse. We could be the Moondogs and be from MN. Arf Arf.

This would be my GrSon’s first ‘grown-up’ ballgame. He played T-ball last year and is going to play again this summer. I think he’d really have a lot of fun at these games. Maybe he will get chosen to drive one of the miniature Volkswagon Beetles around the baselines in the Kiddie Kar race! He’d love that! Or do something weird to that damn duck. See I told you silly stuff happens between innings. You should see the stuff the grown-ups do. Larry just sat there and shook his head and kept saying “This is so undignified.” Larry was wound just a little too tight for the minor leagues. I’m for sure going to get Gabe a mini baseball bat souvenir. His Mom and Dad won’t be there to say no the stinking old spoil sports.

I think my son is going to enjoy this one because Harley Davidson is going to have a display of their motorcycles their and hey, there is going to be fireworks after the game! Don’t ask me why. I don’t have a clue. If we are amongst the first 1,000 to hit the gate we get a free hat. I think that means everyone gets a hat but the people who are late. I didn’t know that ball park holds more than 1200 people. Not the hat I want but not bad but. Just not great. I wouldn’t spit at it that’s for sure but I really love the yellow one. I wasn’t crazy about the Muskies.

I love hats period. In fact, I have a huge collection of hats. I need a Mallards hat. Before we had the Mallards we had the Wolves baseball team. Great team name. Great Mascot. Great Logo. Great Hats. I have one and every once in awhile I wear it. They were awful. Couldn’t win a game to save their souls. Nobody ever went to their games. Even when they were free which they were most of the time. The Wolves slunk off into the northwoods and were never heard from again. Those losers have all gone back to being farm kids heaving bales of hay around.

Ahhhh… summer. Baseball, swimming, riding bikes and chasing fireflies and playing hide and seek after dark while the parents played cards.


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Popcorn! Peanuts! Cotton Candy!

I went to see Harry at Family Services today and then after Harry walked over to the Alliant Energy Center Coliseum to catch the circus with my Grandson Gabe and his Daddy Mike at 4pm.  Mike is a mailman over in Edgerton so he’s got the perfect job to do these fun kinds of things while Mom has the executive position that keeps her at the office until 6 or 7pm some nights.  Of course Dad has to get up at 4am.

I meant to catch a bus because it was drizzling but of course I cut myself too short and missed it. It wasn’t an unpleasant walk though. In fact, it was quite nice if I hadn’t been in such pain from the blisters on the heels of my feet from breaking in my darn kiwi boots yesterday and the damp aggravating my old achy breaky bones. It was a warm spring drizzles sort of spritzy misty good for your complexion damp rain. The grounds around the Coliseum are really quite lovely–small ponds surrounded by lots of willow trees and they are just greening up with leaves.  I thought about Irish country roads while I was walking.  I’ve been reading a Maeve Binchy novel. <heh>

I had hoped to go in and plant my stuff there and sit and read while waiting for them then come back out when it was time for the kids to get there but the security people weren’t having any of that. They weren’t opening the doors until 15 minutes before the show started. Drat it. They did take pity on me and gave me a stool to sit on since I was the first one to get in line. They were all nice old men who were just as bored as I was.

My plans to buy Gabe the biggest silliest most worthless anything he wanted toy were dashed to the ground because his Mom and Dad had already told him he couldn’t have anything. Bummer. I wish they wouldn’t do stuff like that. It ruins the fun for me too. And it just makes the kid pouty when his Dad says no. So it’s a worthless piece of crap and the money is essentially “wasted” in their minds. Seeing that little boy’s face light up for that little bit is worth it and I don’t treat him all that often.

Oh well instead of a toy I bought him AND Daddy and I a few moments of holding a snake. A big old albino python. Getting the picture cost $10.00–the same as a toy. The snake had his mouth sewn shut. I didn’t tell Gabe that. Poor snake.

It certainly wasn’t much of a circus as far as animal acts go. Not compared to the ones they had when I was a kid. Just some dogs, a cute mule act and three elephants in addition to the snake. No lions, tigers. or bears. Probably just as well. I think that’s probably a nasty life for an animal. They were giving elephant rides but Gabe isn’t into that. Nope, not gonna get on the top of no 15 foot tall animal and let it drag me around the room. He’s scared of heights and I don’t think he likes the idea of that trunk either.

He comes by that fear of heights legitimately. It runs in the Gavin Family. I have a pretty strong case of vertigo. I can go up easily enough but gawd help me if I look down. I get really dizzy and want to jump before I fall. It’s a control thing. If I’m going to die damnit, I’m going to die on my terms. I like roller coasters and swinging really high though.

My Dad got me over my fear of swings by forcing the issue. It was cruel but effective. I got my kids and Gabe over their fear of swings by teaching them to swing on their tummies first. As long as their feet can touch the ground and they feel like they have control, then they feel safe and enjoy it.

They only had one clown too. But he was a good clown (or she. I wasn’t sure.) And I’m fairly certain he had clown confederates he was pulling out of the audience to help him with his acts. Particularly with that feisty mule. He/she could really jump rope well too. That’s why I think it might have been a girl. White Boys just can’t jump! <heh>