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It’s An Enemy to All Mankind! WAR! What Is It Good For?

(You can listen to this great song from the60s/70s protests on youtube while you read if you want. Then listen again and watch the images.)

War! huh-yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing
Say it again y’all

Edwin Starr

oooOOooo. In todays University of Wisconsin-Madison “The Daily Cardinal, ” I found this little gem:

Anti-war group plans Halliburton protest

By: Jenny Berg / The Daily Cardinal
The Campus Anti-war Network will protest on Bascom Hill at noon Thursday.
20070918_news_antiwarnet_storyCharlie Baker / The Daily Cardinal

The Campus Anti-war Network met Monday night to discuss and plan the upcoming protest of Halliburton’s presence at the College of Engineering Career Fair this Thursday.

The protesters will meet atop Bascom Hill at noon Thursday for a rally, and then march to the Engineering Building, where they will attempt to block the recruitment process, sitting and standing in front of the Halliburton booth.

This is no doubt tied to this September 11th announcement in “The Dallas Morning News” which has caused quite a buzz across the nation about Hunt Oils and its close ties to Halliburton not to mention speculation that Hunt apparently is betting against the current government in Baghdad having any influence on the Khurds.

Hunt Oil signs contract to explore for oil in Iraq

One risk: Deal with Kurds bypassed national government
12:00 AM CDT on Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hunt Oil Co. took a leap of faith over the weekend by agreeing to become the largest U.S. energy company to explore for oil in Iraq since the war began.

If all goes well, the Dallas oil company, with its close White House ties, acquires an early foothold in an important oil patch.

“The region as a whole looks very promising,” said Jeanne Phillips, a spokeswoman for Hunt Oil, adding that the company does not yet know how much oil its concession could produce.

Hunt created a company called Hunt Oil Co. of the Kurdistan Region to handle the contract. Hunt signed the deal with a partner, Impulse Energy Corp., a private Canadian company that invests in energy companies.

Or maybe he just doesn’t care who has any influence anywhere in Iraq especially not the centralized government in Baghdad. The attitude seems to be tt’s AMERICAN OIL now, damnit, we’ve shed blood for it, we’ve thoroughly fucked your country over for it, now give it to us. Here are your $24,000,000 worth of seashells. Damnit we got Manhattan for only $24 worth of those things. Inflation! Inflation! Inflation!

I am uber excited to see the University of Wisconsin students concerned and involved, raising their voices in chorus with other protesters all over the nation who are against this war, including the one in Washington DC the 15th of September.





One thought on “It’s An Enemy to All Mankind! WAR! What Is It Good For?


    I am a photographer who lives in oshkosh and needs a way down there to photograph the event.
    I was going to take Greyhound but I would arrive too late.
    any help from anyone??

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