Bairbre Sine

I guess this is the place where I tantalize you with lurid details about my private life so you will want to read this blog and find out more about me. Well now, what would my target audience want to know about me?

I’m a “woman of a certain age” living and breathing alone with my fat little calico cat on the Isthmus in downtown Madison, Wisconsin (aka MadTown) which was named the #1 city to live in in the USA five years in a row. We were so proud of ourselves but that may not have been such a good thing because ever since our population has exploded and we are no longer a small, ultra-safe city. Nor are we #1 on anybody’s list to raise a family in anymore. We’ve become urbanized and just lately the crime rate has become big city ugly. There was a murder during a drunken brawl just a few nights ago about six blocks away from me.

But in spite of all that, this is still a great place to be and this Blog is going to tell you why I, “a woman of a certain age”, neither too young nor too old, who grew up on the vast Prairies of Nebraska listening to the corn grow finds living in the heart of this city so rewarding. I’m far from rich so it won’t be about putting on the ritz although sometimes I get to do that because I have “connections.”

This is going to be a “Poor Richard’s Almanac” view of what Madison has to offer ME, the culturally deprived kid from Nebraska who is still awestruck by some of the diversity and cultural offerings available to me. I arrived in the Madison area in 1979 and I’m still exploring new places and re-exploring old friends. It never gets old and you couldn’t give me a million dollars a year to go back and live in the backwaters of Nebraska I escaped from almost 28 years ago.

The kid who didn’t quite manage to realize her dreams of becoming an English professor because the family auto immune disorder chose to knock on my door and like the wolf in the Three little Pigs refused to take no for an answer still got lucky in so many ways. The wolf that chases me has more huff and puff than the Grimm’s Fairy Tale wolf sometimes and knocks me down more often than I’d like to admit but I’ve been blessed with incredible amounts of time to write. And write, I do. I haven’t decied if I write because I am or I am because I write. A little of both, I think.

I’m Irish which means I’ve been blessed with the gift of gab and I’ve been further blessed with the ability to construct fairly decent sentences. What’s more I happen to like writing most of the time especially since the advent of word processors. I even think I’m somewhat good at it and since I’m a published poet there are at least a few other people who think so as well.

Not that being a published poet means all that much. It’s an accomplishment and it’s nice to be able to toss off at dinner parties but you sure aren’t going to be able to eat many boxed macaroni and cheese dinners writing poetry. Actually you have to pay to enter the “contests.” Sounds like gambling to me. I gave it up for Lent one year and because I liked eating, I never took the habit back up in a serious way again. And I’m not even a Christian.

I have two wildly successful children, a fat little calico cat, 3 grand-dogs and the apple of my eye, my favorite Grandson in the whole world. Just recently my daughter began the process of adopting a little princess so now I have my favorite Grand-daughter in the whole wide world to add to the mix. Watching my daughter watching her is just fascinating. And opinions. Let’s not forget the opinions. ;^) You’ll get plenty of opinions about Madison in these pages.

Barbara Gavin-Lewellyn


3 thoughts on “Bairbre Sine

  1. Good morning Barbara,

    I stumbled across your blog quite by accident whilst searching for the poem ‘The Goblins will get you if you don’t watch out’. I suspect it is another of those ‘ghost’ sites that someone started, and tired off or left because no one much ever entered it – nonetheless I found your little essay on your life and town very pleasant to read – so, in case the site is still extant, I thought i would leave my thanks

    Bill Crothers

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