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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Liberal Scorned. Dick Gregory (1932 – )

As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.

George Washington (1732 – 1799)

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood it is today, folks! WISC-TV Channel3000.com Weather and WKOW Channel 27 Weather Central agree that the temperature is 27* but the sun is shining brightly and I’m inclined to believe WMTV-15 Trueview Weather’s optimistic belief that we will see temperatures of 30* by 2:00 pm has arrived here in the Capitol Square neighborhood. I just had the dog out for a walk and made a run to the store and I tell ya’, compared to last weeks deep freeze, it feels downright balmy out there.

I heard on channel 15 this morning that we got another 1/2 inch accumulation bringing our season total up to over 55 inches! Whoa… After the years of green winters we have had, that is quite a blessing. Of course now it is going to warm up so much rain is forecast and we will lose all that snow coverage which we really need for snowmobiling tourist dollars and farmland health.

Speaking of the store, it’s probably common knowledge by now that Capitol Centre Foods has changed owners. Within the last couple of weeks they have also changed their name to Capitol Centre Market. They’ve also spiffed the place up a bit and are offering a line of wine. I wonder what other changes are in store for when The Willy Street Co-op moves in across the street.

Speaking of the Willy Street Co-op there appears to be a sticky widget or two. and we won’t be seeing Willy Street II opening up here in the neighborhood anytime soon.  Apparently the landlord isn’t holding up his end of the bargain. Might there be a problem with cash flow there?  Rumor has it that Buckingham LLC hasn’t sold many of its pricey condos nor rented out much of the retail space.

You can’t blame the homeless for these problems Mr. Fisher You might be able to blame your lousy attitude and greedy heart.

The people who are going to want to live in downtown Madison are going to be young and upwardly mobile or empty nesters but they will also be lefty liberal, uber socially conscious in this writer’s opinion. Most likely, they’ll want to live downtown because they work downtown and walking to work will be more about their concern about the environment and their commitment to burning fewer carbon emitting fossil fuels than it will be about their convenience. They’ll enjoy the luxuries you’re providing but they’re probably also going to want a landlord who reflects their values.

Just because you build it they don’t always come. Liberals are notoriously picky about who they give their dollars to.

Just my two cents…


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Ummm…I’ve Got a Screw Loose

I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions have an echo
In so much space

Gnarls Barkley St Elsewhere Albumn

Today was the first day I have been out of this apartment in over 10 days.   I think I over did it.  I hope I didn’t set myself back so I end up trapped in this three room prison again.  Not that it’s so terrible with the PC for a companion and a window into the wide wide world.

It was Harry the shrink day and I had to go all the way to the South side of the city. Since I was out and about I dropped off the bus in the Greenbush neighborhood and stopped in at Davis Duehr & Dean to have the loose screw on my main pair of glasses tightened. I tried to do it myself but I couldn’t see well enough with any of the other glasses I had on hand to get the darn whatchamajiggits all lined up.

Keith fixed me up in a matter of minutes. I just love that place. They all have such wonderful senses of humor and they sure know how to treat their customers well. Pat remembered me and paid me such a nice compliment about this blog. Made me blush with happiness. I definitely give them a 10 in customer satisfaction.

Next stop was Fraboni’s Italian Specialties for some fresh Caonnoli and some Italian Sausage. To die for. The Greenbush neighborhood has one of Madison’s more interesting histories. Right next to Josie’s Restaurant is a tiny little building that used to be a meeting hall for the Greenbush Labor Union. It’s a bar now.

From there I caught the #85 bus downtown. That bus is a free campus commuter bus which is really nice. I can stop off in the Greenbush neighborhood on Tuesdays and dink around all I want and it doesn’t cost me a penny more in transportation as long as I catch that #85 back downtown. Plus that bus runs every 15 minutes. And the drivers I’ve met up with on that route are pleasant and accommodating.

With the recent madness happening between bus drivers and passengers I reckon Madison Metro needs all the good publicity it can get. The rude and possibly racist drivers are few and far between. I’ve seen some behavior from one or two drivers I would call racist and it definitely needs to be weeded out. In the future, I’m not going to be a silent observer. I’ll call the Metro’s office and report it. If we all did that driver’s rude behavior would soon disappear.

Not that I think the wannabe passenger was without fault. Hanging off the mirror of the bus was a bit beyond the pale, Dude. You’re just damn lucky you weren’t hurt.

Of course we should also report exceptional behavior that is helpful. I guess I’ll call in tomorrow or maybe there is a way to write them on their website and tell them how much I appreciate it that the #13 Driver waited for me to chase my hat down when it blew away just as I was getting on the bus. He could just as well have driven away.

Now I know my readers in the deep south (and I have at least one that I know of) are going to laugh until their bellies ache but today was a scorcher up here in Wisconsin. According to WISC-TV 3000 (that’s local channel3) it’s currently 80* with 81% humidity giving us a heat index of 84*. I don’t know what the high was today but as my Gran used to put it I was glistening as I was going about my errands today. The only saving grace was that wind that blew my hat away.


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I’ll Be Watching You

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
Ill be watching you

STING “I’ll Be Watching You” (Feat, The Police)

So it begins, the constant eyes watching our every move as we make our way to and from work or play. The authorities are putting up the first security cameras in my neighborhood. It will be set up at the bottom of State Street according to reports from WISC-TV Channel 3. Police officers will be able to monitor the feed from their patrol cars.

I don’t know how to feel about this Orwellian touch of Big Brother intrusion into the daily lives of our citizens. Part of me hates it because…well, because I’m a liberal and I’m supposed to hate any intrusion of the government into my privacy. I don’t want to live in a world where we’re under constant surveillance by the authorities.

But To be honest with you, I’m worried sick about the crazy, awful stuff that has been going on in my neighborhood out on the streets after dark. I’m scared to walk the streets after dark without an escort. And there are all kinds of people out and about on the well lit streets in my neighborhood after dark so it’s not like I’m going off into some dark alley somewhere.

Heck, I’m almost scared to scurry across my courtyard to the grocery store and back without an escort. Someone got mugged in MY COURTYARD late at night (actually in the wee hours of the morning) not too long ago! But they were flashing cash, having stopped at the ATM. I’m not that dumb. But still…

I heard the horrified screams of the victim of one of the recent rapes from the safety of my apartment earlier this spring. It happened two blocks away from me. I heard her terror and her pain. I called 911 and then I listened to it happen and felt awful because I couldn’t help that victim any more than I already had.

I’m having a hard time finding a solid reason why it isn’t a good thing to have those cameras there on State Street. I mean, seriously, if we had the cash we could put a police officer on those same street corners 24/7 watching for the same things they are watching for with the cameras. It’s a public place, haven’t you already given up some of your rights to privacy by walking out your front door?

The Bobbies in London are going to be wearing helmets with cameras soon. The UK already has surveillance cameras everywhere, now their policemen are going to be filming every step they take. Bobbies doing double duty so to speak.

It’s a sad comment on the break down of society that we have to even think about taking such steps as putting surveillance cameras up because we don’t have enough manpower to keep track of the criminal element amongst us and protect ourselves from them much less bring them to justice. It may be Orwellian but the question has to be raised:  Don’t we have too many missing persons and too many unsolved murders in this town to sit here and be opposed to surveillance cameras just on principal?

Damn, it hurts to say that! This could be a very slippery slope we are starting down.