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Been Gone Fishing…

There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

Steven Wright (1955 – )

So… it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. I almost feel like a stranger intruding on my own Blog. It’s interesting to look at the stats and see that people are still being drawn in like bees to pollinating flowers. It seems like everyone is sick to death of winter and they all want to escape to Blue Hawaii because that’s what they are reading.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know none of that answers the question of where has BairbreSine for damn near three months? I could say I was off having a glorious time basking in the sun on sandy beaches. Unfortunately, that would be a baldfaced lie!

I was dealing with PC problems that finally ended up shortly after Thanksgiving with no internet connection doohickey on my PC and no way to create one. The only solution was a complete re-installation of the operating system and from past experience that might not even work. YES, I’ve had problems like this before. sigh…

Frankly November is a rotten time of the year to have these kinds of problems. I’m always struggling with low grade depression which is probably due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) The minute they change daylight savings time I go into a blue funk. So does my son. I don’t think we get enough sunlight.

At any rate, I was too depressed to bother messing around trying to fix my PC so I turned to other activities to occupy my time. Thank goodness I have a lot of interests. I read a number of good books and I’ve been into sewing lately so I made myself a sleeveless summer dress with a matching sun hat I just finished a red flannel shirt and will be moving on to a brown denim skirt and jacket. I’m enjoying working on these projects.

While I sew I’ve been watching movies I get from NetFlix. I absolutely love Netflix which I joined in November! I’m going through all the Shakespearean plays or adaptations or just movies about the royal families and having a wonderful time. I’ve seen Katharine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter and it was wonderful. Kenneth Branagh in Henry V was marvelous. Just marvelous. I’m in heaven. I also saw The Last Temptation of Christ which I have always wanted to see because it caused such a stir. Wm Dafoe made such a good human Aryan Jesus. <snark>

I finally got the script for the skit I am going to be in in The Fabulous Crone Show. It’s a hoot and we are in rehearsals now. I just love the women I am working with. Finally I’ve met some creative HAPPY, normal women! YAY! I’ll make a separate post about the show soon.

Anyway I’m back.



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Night and You and Blue Hawaii

Come with me
While the moon is on the sea,
The night is young
And so are we, so are we
Dreams come true
In blue Hawaii

Elvis Presley “Blue Hawaii Words and Music by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger

Well, I sifted through the available videos and even though it HAS cooled down considerably the humidity is up and it still feels a little tropical so I decided I would watch Blue Hawaii. When everyone else was screaming over the Beatles, Sheila Thomas and I were swooning over Elvis.

You know, Wisconsin is one of the top vacation destinations in the USA. Tourism pays a lot of bills in this state and it’s no wonder because there is natural beauty everywhere but after 27 years I’ve sort of started taking it for granted. Watching Blue Hawaii, our tropical heat wave, and our recent luau at the Three Threes has given me the urge to go to Hawaii. I want a different life for a few days, a different kind of green, and different flora and fauna. I want to go to foreign lands and meet new people that speak slightly different than I do.

My Honey took me to Cancun for my 50th birthday. Loved it! My 55th is coming up real soon. I should go to Hawaii for my 55th.


We stayed at an everything included resort in Cancun. I don’t want to do that again. I think we missed a lot because we didn’t have to leave. It was too easy to stay in and not go out and mingle with the Natives. I think we missed a lot of stuff we would have have enjoyed a great deal if we’d have been exposed to it.

OK, this time I’ll take the whole family! Let’s just say I won the Wisconsin Lottery (Whoa! Would you look at that Powerball!) Which island though? Not the big one–too touristy although we’ll have to make a day trip there so M can show us where he was stationed when he was in the Marines and of course we have to take in a museum of the Hawaiian culture.

Let’s google, shall we? With nephew and his girl friend that would make seven. Eight if D can find a date. Gr-Son is my date. So we want a condo. On the Beach. But not on the big Island. What are the name of the islands in Hawaii? OK let’s do that little guy up on top. Kauai.


What do we want to do while we are in Kauai, Hawaii? Snorkeling is a must! We did that in Cancun and I swear it was the best thing I’ve ever done on vacation! Gr-Son will love it.


Gr-Son will want to hunt for bugs. M and K will want to ride bikes and hike. D and G will want to frisbee golf. N and I will want to meet true native Hawaiians. Gr-son won’t know which grownup he should follow! We will all have to surf. Well, maybe not me. I will swim in the moonlight, build big sandcastles and bury Gr-son up to his neck while his parents and all the youngsters go clubbing.

I want to see a volcano close-up and personal. Helicopter rides for all! In formation. Oh and Para-sailing! I’ve always wanted to go parachuting or para-sailing. At my age, I’d better opt for para-sailing into the water!

There is a name for a “green” type of tourism that I was reading about in connection with Wisconsin–one that preserves the natural environment. That’s important to all of us in this family. While the Wisconsin Dells is a fun place to go, I abhor it because of what they have done to the natural landscape. Eco-tourism, that’s it. Eco-tourism protects the environment and is culturally sensitive to the people living in the area but allows for profits by the travel industry.

A true Hawaaian luau is a must. POI! Pit roasted pig and pineapple, passion fruit fresh off the trees. Real leis. Oh, oh, oh, we must Must MUST go to the set of LOST! Schmooze with the cast. Buy them Pina Coladas and Limo rides home so none of them get killed off in season four. <heh> I want to meet Fenry/Ben. I’ve decided he is the best actor on the show. Besides the guy who plays Locke because I don’t know whether to hate him or not. And Hurley. I have a crush on Hurley.

OK first search Hawaii, Kauai vacation condo eco-tourism. Lets see what tuns up. Hawaiian Beach Rentals oooh… You can book a 5 bedroom palace right on the beach that sleeps 12 or a sudio bedroom nook up in the trees with these folks. What a fun vacation this would be for my family! I really think we should go to Kauai someday.

Since I haven’t won the lottery yet, it might be wiser to get myself this red and yellow Hawaiian bed spread for my bedroom and paint the walls sky blue. Sure would be pretty and warm. I’d remember this heat wave all winter while I was snuggling under my electric blanket and it’s a whole lot cheaper. <smile>

BTW on Thursday it was 88* here in the city. It was 84* in Hawaii. With ocean breezes. Maybe we should go now. Isn’t it Hurricane season in early September?