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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

My Delphi Forums friend MerlinsDad and his wife live down in Atlanta. He wrote to me a few days ago that the head librarian in the city had ordered all the libraries to close because it was snowing and they had started to get a trace accumulation. OK, I am going to have to apologize to MerlinsDad (Merlin is a cat by the way) in advance for still getting the giggles at the thought of the whole damn city closing down because of a TRACE of snow accumulation. I’m sorry, really I am but oh my…

So then I thought I’d show him what we have been dealing with on a regular basis. This was taken two or maybe even three days ago. It was the day after the last heavy accumulation before we had the Hoar Frost.


Now that’s snow accumulation and did it stop anybody? Oh, hell, no. People go out there and go slip slidin’ away all over the place when we get that much snow. Into the ditches and each others’ front yards. Into the oncoming path of semi trailer tractors. We’re hardy pioneers up here. Unless we have to go to work and then it might take us awhile to find the snow shovel to get out of the driveway. You can always tell the new guys at work because they will get there on time in a blizzard, Until they realize that NO ONE makes it to work on time in a blizzard, not even the boss, so then they become slackers too.

Those big lumpets in the back are what’s let of the 6′ + piles of excess snow that was piled up there after the complex cleared off the sidewalks from the 22.9″ we got that melted away. We have now re-accumulated 12+ inches (prior to the stuff falling at this point) and it’s not even the end of January. It could snow through all of March and into April. Dear Gawd.

This is just typical Wisconsin Winter snow. It’s snowing again however and we have now crossed the line into “DOES THIS DAMN SNOW NEVER END?” territory. People are starting to get that glazed look in their eyes like if they see one more snowflake they might do something unforgivable.