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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Liberal Scorned. Dick Gregory (1932 – )

As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.

George Washington (1732 – 1799)

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood it is today, folks! WISC-TV Channel3000.com Weather and WKOW Channel 27 Weather Central agree that the temperature is 27* but the sun is shining brightly and I’m inclined to believe WMTV-15 Trueview Weather’s optimistic belief that we will see temperatures of 30* by 2:00 pm has arrived here in the Capitol Square neighborhood. I just had the dog out for a walk and made a run to the store and I tell ya’, compared to last weeks deep freeze, it feels downright balmy out there.

I heard on channel 15 this morning that we got another 1/2 inch accumulation bringing our season total up to over 55 inches! Whoa… After the years of green winters we have had, that is quite a blessing. Of course now it is going to warm up so much rain is forecast and we will lose all that snow coverage which we really need for snowmobiling tourist dollars and farmland health.

Speaking of the store, it’s probably common knowledge by now that Capitol Centre Foods has changed owners. Within the last couple of weeks they have also changed their name to Capitol Centre Market. They’ve also spiffed the place up a bit and are offering a line of wine. I wonder what other changes are in store for when The Willy Street Co-op moves in across the street.

Speaking of the Willy Street Co-op there appears to be a sticky widget or two. and we won’t be seeing Willy Street II opening up here in the neighborhood anytime soon.  Apparently the landlord isn’t holding up his end of the bargain. Might there be a problem with cash flow there?  Rumor has it that Buckingham LLC hasn’t sold many of its pricey condos nor rented out much of the retail space.

You can’t blame the homeless for these problems Mr. Fisher You might be able to blame your lousy attitude and greedy heart.

The people who are going to want to live in downtown Madison are going to be young and upwardly mobile or empty nesters but they will also be lefty liberal, uber socially conscious in this writer’s opinion. Most likely, they’ll want to live downtown because they work downtown and walking to work will be more about their concern about the environment and their commitment to burning fewer carbon emitting fossil fuels than it will be about their convenience. They’ll enjoy the luxuries you’re providing but they’re probably also going to want a landlord who reflects their values.

Just because you build it they don’t always come. Liberals are notoriously picky about who they give their dollars to.

Just my two cents…


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WhooooHoooo! Willy Street Co-op Coming To My Neighborhood!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood today so I decided to go to Capitol Centre Foods and get myself some picnic type stuff and eat in the court yard. I’ve been feeling peckish for the past week so I haven’t been outside much and I haven’t even watched much television. Therefore I’ve sort of been out of the loop and had no idea that Willy Street Co-op has sealed the deal and is going to be moving into the Metropolitan Place retail space right across the street from Capitol Centre Foods at the corner of Broom and Mifflin Streets.

Finally, a grocery store of some size in the downtown area and one that concentrates on organics and locally produced products to boot. It won’t be opening until January though. Bummer… Oh well, I’ve waited this long, I can hold out until January. And my daughter will be pleased because she won’t have to drive through the isthmus to go to The Co-op when she comes to visit me. She can drop the Grandson off and go shop in peace.

It’s a pity Cap Centre didn’t get that space because I think having the Willy Street Co-op over there might drive them out. That would be a pity. I like Cap Centre. They give us quarters in exchange for a five dollar bill so we can do our laundry once a day. They sell stamps there, Metro Bus passes, and there is a Western Union there as well.

If those of us who live here at the Three Threes ask for a carry out, they will carry out all the way to our apartment door. The carry out guys are tickled to death to get a tip and usually say they don’t want a tip. But I insist because I want them to keep giving us that service with a smile from 9am to 9pm. It’s been great to have them right across the courtyard.

I would hate to see them driven out and I’m afraid a bigger store right across the street will do just that. But then again, maybe not. How many students are going to shop at Willy’s for a midnight nosh? Or go there to get cheap beer? They’re still going to be looking for their smack ramen noodles at 5 for a $1 and frozen pizzas 3 for $10.00.

Is Willy’s going to carry my cat’s fur ball cure Iams diet food at a reasonable price and am I going to be able to get Mrs. What-her-name’s frozen dinners at Willy’s? I think not. I doubt if they are going to have cheap generic laundry detergent either.

I bet Cap Centre evolves into something slightly different. Fewer fruits and vegetables maybe and more convenience foods and cleaning products but they’ll probably still be here come June of 2009 changing five dollar bills into quarters. I hope so anyway.

The Willy Street Co-op will replace the Mifflin Street Co-op which lived a few blocks west and died of neglect. They simply couldn’t or wouldn’t evolve and rise up out of their 60s hippie grungy roots and become the polished 21st century Yippies that places like Willy Street Co-op and Whole Earth Food Stores cater to. The store was quaint but dirty. The clerks had character but they were clueless.

I live 4 or 5 blocks from where the store was located and went there exactly four times because it wasn’t worth the walk. I went to Willy Street as often as I could–whenever my daughter was in town. They gave me a 15% discount because I’m disabled.

Another plus about having the Co-op right across the street (so to speak since the Three Threes pretty much eats up half of this whole block) is that we are the grateful recipients of Second Harvest largess for Cap Centre and other stores so I’m guessing that might also be true for the Co-op. I never have to buy a loaf of bread or bagels and I eat some mighty fancy bread and bagels. We also get more than enough sweet rolls and there are regular drop offs of fresh vegetables and fruits. The owners and managers of the grocery stores are mighty generous to us here at the Three Threes. Thank you.