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The State of State Street Halloween 2007

It’s 11:37 and I just got back from taking Igor for a walk. Halloween has already begun. Broom Street was crowded with young people in costume. I was surprised that the crowds had already begun to gather and get so large.

Buzz Lightyear came running down Johnson Street to greet us and got Igor even more excited than he already was by all the uproar! He gave a hearty bark and caused some people across the street to look and exclaim “Look, that dog has on a muzzle!” while young Buzz Simply ignored the hot pink muzzle contraption and made friends with my sweet little dog.

Even with global warming giving us balmy temperatures of 49* it wasn’t enough to keep the young ladies in skimpy attire wandering the streets from shivering without coats at the end of October. I suppose their plans are to end up in some bar somewhere but for goodness sakes, is it really worth it to be out on the streets in strapless mini-dresses in these temperatures?

Everyone was in good spirits, having a good time even the young police officers I spoke to between Gorham and Gilman. They reported that so far everyone is behaving themselves. “Mary” on the loudspeaker at Firehouse #1 is making periodic announcements that I can hear through closed windows but not quite understand. Supposedly she can see exactly what is going on via cameras strategically placed on State Street and admonish offenders in the act.



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