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“Igor The Mighty” Stravinsky! errr… Who?


Igor Stravinsky – Le Sacre du Printemps For Piano – Fazil Say

I got a dog. The primary reason I got a dog was because of the worrisome increase in the crime rate in downtown Madison. This is probably still one of the safest cities of its size in the US but there have been some pretty violent crimes in downtown Madison recently.

I decided I absolutely needed a dog when I had to get a restraining order against someone who lives in my building. Security locked buildings don’t protect in cases like that and I’ll be damned if I’m going to move! I like where I live.

This is my Dachshund/Beagle (Dachsle)



Igor’s name was Snoopers before I got him but I thought that was a pretty lame name for such a manly fella so I renamed him because he looks exactly like the dog my baby brother brought home when I was 11. Except he’s at least three times as big. That dog was named after “The Mighty Igor” a huge weight lifting wrestler of the 1960’s because he was so tiny.

I found him on Petfinder.com. I was keeping an eye on the Dane County Humane Society website well. I had also looked at a few rescue organizations. Boston Terriers in particular. The ad said his legs are twisted but they don’t hurt him, they just look funny. I thought that was a funny/suspicious thing to say in an ad but some people just don’t have a clue about advertising so I sent an email and asked for pictures.

His legs do look funny but not that bad and omigwd he looks jut like Igor the first so I asked to meet him and I was really impressed with his personality and how healthy he looks.  On closer inspection it looks like he is double jointed and may have a club foot but nothing medical going on that is going to cost big bucks to manage.

Nevertheless I wanted to get him checked out right away and besides, my building management says I have to have vet certification that the dog I get is healthy and up to date on all of his shots so Tuesday I called Badger Cab and asked them if they would take me and the dog to the Veterinary. They would and they did! Yay Badger Cab!


Badger Cab

We went to see Dr Mike Kohn the Petinaryat 1014 Williamson Street. He took care of my son’s American Buldog who had some pretty serious skin allergies for years until son’s roomate won the dog in a custody battle and moved out of state.


The Petinary

Dr Kohn put my concerns about his front legs to rest right away. My Dachsle has some Basset Hound in him so that’s why he’s such a big guy. Basically he’s just a mutt. <grin> A very handsome mutt. My building manager brought one of her colleagues who works for the same corporation but in another building up to my apartment to see him because she thinks he is such a cutie. <grin> Everywhere we go he gets grins.

Mr. Adorable hasn’t been taught any city manners though and when we were out for our walks he was really dragging me around. My arm hurt from trying to control him and using a cane, I was afraid to go very far and definitely wasn’t about to try to cross a busy street until I had better control of the situation on our walks. Dr Kohn recommended the Gentle Leader Headcollar rather than a choke collar which were available right next door at MadCat Pet Supplies.

It’s magic! It stopped the pulling instantly and Igor is now walking at a heel with me making the decisions about where to go. He doesn’t like it because he can’t have his head and do whatever he wants to do but it isn’t hurting him.

They only had Hot Pink but I figure it takes a real man to wear pink and he can deal. I’ll have to get someone to help me take a picture of him with it on. I took him to the bank and pharmacy at the beginning of rush hour after two practice sessions and although he was nervous he did very well.

I love this city so much. Dogs are not only welcome here, he got treats at both places!


State Street at Noodles & Co.


This was part of our route although this picture was not taken Wednesday. This is the bus stop at Noodles & Co where I catch the bus to go almost everywhere I go by Metro.  It’s about two blocks from home if I take the short cut and three almost four if I don’t.


PS Did you notice the pictures? They were taken with my very own Canon PowerShot 460 and manipulated with Xandros Linux DigiKam.








2 thoughts on ““Igor The Mighty” Stravinsky! errr… Who?

  1. pat says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your household! Security and the need to feel safe are basic needs that shouldn’t require sacrifice…..but I’m glad that you brought a “friend” into your life rather than some type of “weapon” to help with your peace of mind. Here’s to a long relationship for you and Igor!! Have a good weekend….

  2. BairbeSine says:

    Hey Pat, good to hear from you! How are things going at the Three Ds?

    It takes a steady hand and a cool head to use a weapon effectively in an emergency. I haven’t had either one of those in at least ten years. Everybody, including me, especially me, will be a lot safer if I don’t pick up a weapon.

    The dog, on the other hand, contributes to my and the whole worlds well being in countless ways. I will have to write a Blog about that. But right now, I am going to go to bed. Ujst came in from the last walk of the evening.

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