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Badgers On the Move

Cab Driver, once more round the block
Never mind the ticking of the clock
I only wish we could have a talk
Cab Driver, once more round the block

The Mills Brothers

Between the Dr’s office and meself I got all confused today. I called up to make an appointment and the lady in the business office who was making the arrangements for the Badger Cab rides asked me if I had made cab ride arrangements for my B12 shot appointment this afternoon.

I’m like ‘What? that’s usually on the first Tuesday of the month’ but whatever I’ll go with the flow and didn’t say anything so I said, “No I don’t think so. Sure send a cab.” wondering where the hell did September go? Damn life keeps speeding away from me.

So I’m sitting there waiting for the cab and Mel is waiting for a cab and we see one drive by but it didn’t stop so we wait some more. And then we start getting antsy. So Mel calls and while he’s on the phone his cab comes and he hands the phone to me. There’s no order for a cab for me.

The dispatcher transfers me upstairs (I always wonder if there really is an upstairs or if that’s just dispatcher code for higher up the chain of command) and my cab ride is set up for tomorrow just like I thought it should be.

Boy I felt foolish but those Badger dispatch guys were nice about it. They treated it like it was all in a day’s business. No biggie. They sure are good guys to do business with.

So tomorrow I’ll get to take a little ride with the Badger Boys and Girls. Badger Cab–Madison’s only shared cab ride. Save money and help the environment as well!



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