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If It Looks Like a Duck, Walks Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck…


Today a group of us from the Three Threes took Madison Metro over to Tenney Park on Johnson Street here in our fair city. The picture on the header of my Blog looks like one of the foot bridges in that park which is why I chose it. I have a lot of fond memories of Tenney Park because I used to work in the Sony Building once upon a time and spent many a break on that footbridge engrossed in conversation with friends or out on the dock by the locks across the street eating lunch. Those were good years…

Sadly our lunch in the picnic shelter was marred by the heavy machinery being used to remove the duckweed from the Ice Skating lagoon. Which gives me a good Stop the Abuse cause here in Madison to Blog about.

One of the greatest natural resources Madison has is it’s lakes. According to this article in Madison Magazine our lakes are healthier than they have been in 100 years with some qualifiers. However watching the duckweed removal process at Tenney park was a good reminder that this is a fragile system. Please people, consider our lakes and rivers when you are fussing over your lawns. Do you seriously need huge expanses of smooth green velvet to walk on or look at? So badly that you must over fertilize and poison our rivers and lakes and ponds?

I wish you all had to sit there and watch how much slimy green pollution that Park employee pulled out of the lagoon in about ten minutes. His truck was half full when we arrived and he was eating lunch. It took him about ten minutes to fill it up. That is not a huge lagoon. I wish you were all forced to spend a hot summer day in downtown Madison and smell the stench of rotting algae bloom in our Lakes. It smells like a baby diaper that has been sitting around long enough to produce writhing maggots.

That is a direct result of the insenstive and arrogant need of some people to have a green carpet and abundant blossoms surrounding their home sweet home and their ignorant belief that to attain it that they have to dump a ton of fertilizer onto your their lawn as well as the blatant negligence and poor management of the agriculture industry.

Get some education people! Pay attention to the City and County Commisioners who tell you that our lakes will die if we do not take care of them! YOU DO NOT NEED ALL OF THAT FERTILIZER! STOP THE ABUSE!

Oh and to you jerks who are throwing the aluminum cans into the lagoons. Grow up! STOP THE ABUSE!



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