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Listen To the Music, Listen To the Music All the Time!

Dont you feel it growin, day by day
People gettin ready for the news
Some are happy, some are sad
Oh, we got to let the music play

Tom Johnston performed by The Doobie Brothers

I went to ZuZu’s Cafe at 1336 Drake Street for the open mike hosted by Angela Smith, Cindy Harrington, and Tom Zografi last night and read some of my poetry. It’s been quite awhile since I’d been up in front of a crowd with microphone but after the first poem I got into it and enjoyed it.

The show started at ten minutes before seven o’clock with Angela, Cindy, and Tom kicking it into high gear. They are excellent musicians and songwriters. There were quite a few musicians there tonight and one other poet. So many in fact that they were sweeping us out the door with the trash, long past the Nine o’clock closing time. The final artist played beautiful classical guitar. It was a joy to listen to and a pleasure to watch his elegant hands move across the frets.

ZuZu’s Cafe is an interesting venue. Seriosly People, You need to check their web site out to see how creative they can be! Not much to look at on the outside, the inside is bright and cheery with bold colors on the walls and beautiful wooden half walls that divide the space up into cozy seating areas. My friend Kathleen and I got there early so we could eat dinner. I had the grilled Tofu with Pesto and Spinach and a bottle of Sparkling Blackberry. It was pretty tasty.The staff is pleasant and helpful but unobtrusive. I enjoyed myself there and I’ll definitely go back. This open mike happens every Thursday night at Seven o’clock.



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