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Give us this day our Daily Page

The Isthmus has been a weekly staple in my life for many many years. Madison has a rich print news life but The Isthmus is truly deserving of the many awards it has won over the years. I’m pleased to report that I have once again been quoted by them on their website The Daily Page and very honered. I think even my Daddy would be proud. Even though he was a republican, had conniption fits when I voted for Carter, and The Isthmus stands for everything he was against.

In the first place, it’s free unless you have it mailed to your door (circulation 61, 000). Every Thursday, I just stop by one of their little newstands in a restaurant or store and pick up the latest edition. In the second place they have a definite liberal bias. Finally they are advant garde. They report on the news no one else is reporting. They take a story and explore it in minute detail down to the finest implication. This is what reporting the news should be like. Who, what, when, where, how and why. In depth, precise, and cognizant.

But most people also value and keep The Isthmus around the house from one week to the next because it is the source of everything going on in MadTwon and the surrounding area in the Arts, Music, Theater, Comedy, Movies and other forms of entertainment. It’s also where you can find out what’s on the agenda at the City/County Building and what our lawmakers are up to in the halls of legislature in the Capitol Building. Want to know where to find a free meal if you are broke? Look in the Isthmus. You name it and I’d probably tell you to look in the Isthmus to find out.

Personal ads? Isthmus. Kinky sex ads. Isthmus. Luxury Apartments. Isthmus. Free fish? Isthmus. “The Straight Dope”? the Isthmus. Gays in the news? The Isthmus. Nude beaches? The Istthmus. The Amish? The Isthmus. They’ve done it all and more.

So now they have The Daily Page which I didn’t know about until they quoted me. I said getting quoted by Dane101 sas almost as good as getting quoted by The Isthmus which would be the epitome of my dreams in one of my Blogs and then it happened. Now it’s happened TWICE! Holy Cow… My phone bills to Nebraska are going to be awfully high this month. I called my brother this time. I really believe I’m a WRITER.

The best thing I have found out about Madison that I did not know by browsing through “The Daily Page” and absolutely MUST take my Gr-son to see is the Geology Museum at the Universtiy of Wsisconsin. I took Geology when I was in college because I was dating a Geology professor. I didn’t take his classes, that would have been unethical but it was his mentoring that helped me “earn” the A I got. He actually tutored me through some of the labs. I’m afraid my mind isn’t very scientific.

But I love rocks and this article brought back a lot of memories of those days rocking with my professor and my kids. Particularly the day I held up a rock and asked him what kidn it was and he told me it was a “Gneiss rock.” I retorted I know it’s a nice rock but what kind is it?” “Gneiss!” and so on until I finally asked him to spell “Gneiss” It was a who’s on first conversation for a good ten minutes. He was a first class smart ass.  <heh>

Yup, gotta take my Gr-son to the Geology Museum.His Mama was with that Professor when she broke her pretty brand new two front teeth off rollerskating.  I was studying for a Geology exam.



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