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A Hot Time In the Old Town

Come along get you ready
Wear your bran, bran new gown,
For dere’s gwine to be a meeting
In that good, good old town,
Where you knowed ev’ry body,
And they all knowed you,
And you’ve got a rabbits foot
To keep away the hoodo;
When you hear
Dem a bells go ding, ling ling,
All join ’round
And sweetly you must sing,
And when the verse am through,
In the chorus all join in,
There’ll be a hot time
In the old town tonight.

Theo A. Metz 1896

According to my sources” it’s either 87, 88, 0r 89* in the neighborhood. I suspect it’s 89* if not 90* in MY neighborhood. We have more concrete and other heat retainers not to mention all the heat generators lurking around the Capitol Square and the hot wind blowing out of the Legislative halls and the delicious meals that being cooked along State Street.

The weekend starts on Thursday in a college town. Friday’s are goof off days in most of these kids minds and the professors play along unless they are jerks or stern task masters who disapprove of students who haven’t developed a good work ethic by the time they reach their class. When I was going to college the empty seats and hangovers on Fridays really shocked me at first.

When I got over it, I started bringing my children to class with me on Fridays for their “spend the day with mom, mental health breaks from grade school.” In other words, I not only encouraged my children to play hooky, I aided and abetted.

They were both bored stiff, yet struggling in school and had I been aware of homeschooling back then I would have done it. I thought it did them more good to be exposed to college than it did to be sitting in their classrooms bored and pissed off.  I was right.  It gave them both a yearning to get to those hallowed halls of learning where you got to choose what you wanted to study.  Every semester I would sit down with them and we would discuss what I had to take and what we would take together.  What fun we had!

I have a Grandson who probably needs to be home-schooled now and in a few years if my health doesn’t deteriorate too much, I think I will offer to do it. I will be able to audit college classes and he can tag along like they did.  We’ll learn all the fun stuff he wants to explore–Bugs and science things!  He’s a pistol though it will have to be on a trial basis when he gets to bea bit older.  He’s only seven but damn he’s smart.

Today I went to the main branch of the Madison Public Library with my friend K which is just a block and a half from the Three Threes and printed out a form to volunteer for the Madison Mayors Commission on People with Disabilities and the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee. I’m not sure I want to volunteer for both. I’m definitely into the first and somewhat into the second.

It depends on the amount of time one has to spend sitting around being bored in these meetings seconding and ayeing endless inane proposals before you get to the meat of the matter. The petty politics irks me.

Can you tell I have been a part of such doings before? I was a sitting Peer Representative member of an International Non-profit Organization for the prevention of child abuse back in the late 80s and early 90s. I shan’t mention the organization and the agency involved because I want to gossip.

California where the movement started near San Francisco and the Eastern half of the USA were vying for control. Those were heady times. I got to meet my heroes in the treatment of Sexual Abuse. Because Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa were in the Midwest and relatively new chapters that had strong numbers in memberships that might grow and divide we were being courted by both sides.

For four years I was my home chapter’s President here in Madison, Regional President, and the Peer Representative to the International Board for our Region. I had to leave because of my illness and I haven’t kept up. Maybe I should check and see what has become of that group. Oh my it looks like the bad guys won… espletives deleted.

I was saddened by, dissapointed in and disgusted with both the Professionals at my agency and the Professionals at the uppermost levels of the organization who were trying to gain control and turn the wonderful Non-profit Organization I had joined into their vision of the future and not the original vision of my heroes who were retiring. The Professionals at my agency who worked with the surivivors of abuse were just plain non-cooperative with the program period. They didn’t like it and wanted no part of it but they were stuck sith it because the Non-profit agency they worked for believed in it. They thwarted it at every opportunity.

They didn’t like me either because I had skipped over their portion of the program and had gone directly into the three-way groups due to my years of therapy prior to arriving there and because of my familiarity with the program through all my, dragging in all the papers I could find on the subject. The Heroes of this Organization were the only ones treating Incest in the beginning. They were the Pioneers. I read every paper they had ever written. Now you can’t even find their name on the net or connected with this great organization they started. It makes me sick that the Southern Californians won.

I absolutely can not abide that damn victim mentality BS the inexperienced social workers who worked there were into with incest survivors. <shudder> I would go in and talk to them and tell them my story about how I overcame my abuse and they would say “That is you and not everyone is like you. Our girls have been more traumatized than you were.” I wanted to bust some chops, let me tell you.

Now how did I get here? <goes back to read> Goodness what a wandering trail my mind can take! It’s still hot and Patches is panting. I have to set up afan for the poor fat little tub errr… Dear Kitty and take a cool shower myself. I’m “glimmering” as my Gran would say.

I’ve also been repotting my houseplants as I’ve been writing this. No, Silly, not all at the same time! No potting soil on the keyboard. I write a bit; go off to think while I muck around in the dirt; come back to write and so on and so forth. It’s better than smoking and serves the same purpose. I need to get my crocheting or kntting going again. It’s cleaner.

Anyone want a Zebrina ( aka Wandering Jew)? I gave mine a pretty severe haircut and have dozens of cuttings sitting in water. I sent dozens more down the garbage disposal. Oh, that hurt!



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