Oh My…. I’ve been hired! I’m a Blogsvertiser!

Blogsvertiser approved this Blog for ads. That means that all my hard work of polishing up the site paid off and I can earn some money now. I won’t be as poor as I have been. YeeeHaw!

And I’ll be doing what I like to do best, Turning bytes into letters into words into sentences, etc. Maybe someday I’ll really get over feeling like I’m sinning when people tell me I’m good at it. <heh>I can’t wait to get started!

I’m going to go blab agout this at The Isle of Whack.  I know there are some stay at home Mom’s who have been looking for ways to earn money at home.

Oh my… Happy Feet! Snoopy Dance! Good Day Sunshine! Hula Hoop!



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