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Aloha Kakou! (imagine a little tent over a in kakou)

The property management of the Three Threes and The Madison Senior Center went halvsies on a luau for all of us and threw a feast worthy of King Kamehameha (I dare you to say that guys namewithout cracking a smile) out in the courtyard. The Wisconsin State Journal even showed up to cover the event!

We had hula dancers and everything. Well no poi. I was disappointed there was no poi. I have heard that poi can glue your mouth shut for six months. That might have come in handy. I would have taken home all the left overs for future reference.

Those of us who weren’t intimidated by a little fresh air had a lovely time. Those of us who like to complain found something to complain about. They always do. Bitch, bitch, bitch… If it had been inside there would have been too many people there and it would have been too crowded.

They must be related to Goldilocks but haven’t found the bowl of porridge that is just right yet. Or the chair, or the bed, and time is getting short for a lot of them. It’s a quarter to twelve and the clock is striking. Like Cinderella, their time is running out and these Senior Citizens are running away from the ball leaving behind their glass slippers errr… false teeth.

I suppose I shouldn’t poke fun but damn, I’ve lived here almost four years and I am so damn sick of listening to these people bitch about every damn thing that is done for them. It’s not just the Seniors who have these entitlement issue either. There are plenty of the younger people who live here who bitch about the services here.

C’mon PEOPLE, this is HUD housing and a non-profit agency–part of the South Madison Coalition of the Elderly These things are done for you pretty much gratis by the staff. With a smile. They work hard planning and putting together these parties and you turn up your nose and criticize whatever you can find to criticize.

When Colleen was the activities director of the Three Threes she worked her behind off putting together pot luck dinners and often worked long hours past what she was paid to work. How many of you thought to even say thank you? You wonder why she left? Listen to yourselves sometime!

Gina, our new activity director and office staff, and Erica, our new building manager, work just as hard to see to it that our building has fun activities going on. They listen when we make suggestions and if enough interest is shown, they will act on those suggestions.

So you aren’t taken gambling 4 times a month. People on social security shouldn’t be taken gambling by employees of federal housing projects, IMO and I’m glad that has stopped. There are buses that provide transportation every week from the square. Maybe twice a week. Call your favorite Ho Chunk Casino–they’ll give you the skinny. Walk up to the square or take a taxi. Better yet get a life and spend that money you’d throw away leading it.

OK, maybe that’s a little sanctimonious but damn, there was more time spent going gambling than any other recreational activity in this building. What’s with that? I’m an atheist and I’d much rather see the activity director dragging people to her very own “little brown church in the vale” (that’s a quote from a song for those who don’t know the reference which most of you probably don’t. Want me to sing it? I’ll just hum a few bars…).

OK that’s my Madison mixed review for tonight.

Oh, I did go to The Community Pharmacy and pick up the rest of my meds. I got to see Richard the head Pharmacist who I just adore because he’s so goood at what he does and looks out for me so well. He always has such a big smile and “Hello Barbara, how are you today?” every time I walk in the door and you just know he really wants to know whether you’re OK or not. I took his picture tonight and one of the pharmacy itself so as soon as I get that role developed, I’ll be able to show you what The Community Pharmacy looks like. It’s one of my favoritie places in the neighborhood.

They got a Health Advocacy Award in April. It was reported in The Daily Cardinal, a University of Wisconsin-Madison paper but not in the mainstream local newspapers. I want to know why not since what they are doing is keeping our community Healthy. I’m going back tomorrow and taking notes. Had to rush home for the luau tonight.



One thought on “Aloha Kakou! (imagine a little tent over a in kakou)

  1. Bairbre Sine Gavin says:

    OK, I’m laughing my ass off here. Of all things to get quoted in The Daily Page. Do you know my ass is going to get fried in butter and served up for breakfast if they figure out who I am, fellas? Jumping jehosofat!

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