Earning Cash Having Fun? Say it ain’t so?

It couldn’t be, could it?  Well Ladies and Gents, check this out: You could get paid to blog! The people over at BLogsvertise want you to write about products you probably use every day of your life and they’ll PAY you. Honest, they’re paying people just like you and me to sit in front of our keyboards and do what we like to do most. Run off at the mouth errr…fingers!

How much money can you make? According to the Blogsvertise FAQ it varies from $4-25 per assignment. So if you’re given ten assignments you could earn from $40 to $250. What if you don’t like the product? You don’t have to endorse any product or rave about anything you don’t like. You can even talk about bad experiences you’ve had with a product or make fun of it.

It sounds like fun and an easy way for me to make some extra cash. I’ve joined Blogsvertise and I hope mentioning it here is a help to any of you folks that need extra cash too.




2 thoughts on “Earning Cash Having Fun? Say it ain’t so?

  1. bairbresine52 says:

    That post was my “interview” submission. Now I wait to see what happens. I got a note from them asking which blog was going to be permanent because I am “restructuring” my blogs to take advantage of money making opportunities, so it sounds good.

    I was turned down by one place because some of my tags were too R-rated. ie, take out the child abuse, incest stuff I write about. who knew writing about surviving and thriving that BS would bite me in the butt.


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