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Bring it on! Every yummy Calorie!

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.

Julia Child
US cook & cookbook author (1912 – )

I used to watch Julia Child religiously. She taught me everything about cooking that my husband didn’t and to tell you the truth he learned a lot of what he knew from Julia. My mother didn’t teach me a damned thing worth learning about cooking. She hated being in the kitchen and resented cooking the big meals my father demanded three times a day.

Skip (my husband for the uninitiated) was a chef and a talin Jackson Michigan where a very kind and nice chef let him get behind a grill once in awhile so he could learn how to cook a steak to perfection to the Head Chef at The Hastings Country Club and then The Lincoln Country Club came and offered him a job as Sous chef there when he was 27 because they had heard how good he was. He won all kinds of awards for original presentation at the Cooking Conventions they had in Lincoln every year.

Madison is a cornucopia of delicious food in the downtown area and quite a few of them deliver to those of us who are too lazy to cook and/or get dressed and go foraging on our own. That was me Friday night. I Hadn’t been feeling well all week and hadn’t been hungry at all.

Anyway, Friday I had an egg salad sandwhich and a banana for dinner with a big glass of Looza Pear Nector. omigawd, if you haven’t tried Looza’s products you must do so immedietly. I get mine much cheaper here in town so look in your store first and request it from your store manager. You could cut their juices with water and still have a rich juice but I don’t because It is going towards my nine daily fruits and vegetables.

Then I made myself some raisan bread toast with cinnamon and sugar on top and had another banana with the last of the peanut butter and some Ben and Jerry’s mint chocolate chunk .

You can see where this is going can’t you? By 9:30pm I was ravenous again! So I browsed amongst my take out menus and chose Jade Garden. I ordered their pancakes with scallops, the Mongolian Beef (please make that mild on the spices) and The Garlic Broccoli.

The total was $17.60 something and the portions were huge. I got enough food to feed three adults a helathy portioned meal. Except I only got two fortune cookies. The first one said “You will receive a fortune cookie soon.” Smart ass fortune cookie.
It was wonderful. I was sort of surprised that the pancakes had been deep fat fried because I’ve never had them that before but oh well, they were Delicious and the sauce yummy. The Mongolian Beef was tender and had just enough fire for my belly (I asked them to make it mild)–tamed the heat with creamed sweet tea easily enough. I learned that trick at Vientienne Palace years ago.

Of course I wasn’t THAT hungry so I’ve been eating Mongolian beef and Garlic Broccoli all weekend. I just finished the last of it for lunch. It gets better with age as the spices mingle with the other ingredients while it marinates in the refrigerator._

It’s a pity Ventienne Palace doesn’t deliver because I would probably have them at my door once a week and I’d always order #23, the bean thread noodles and probably some kind of curry. They are at Gorham and Henry and the place looks like a dinerwhich it used to be before it was a gas station I think. Now it’s an Asian Laotian and Cambodian diner with some of the best Asian food in the city.

The ambiance is a little disconcerting but the food is to die for. This is a family owned and operated business that is the epitome of a success story of immigrants leaving a war torn country and receiving political asylum here in the USA. My daughter worked there while she was in high school and college. Mayor Soglin and Dr Zorba Paster probably still eat there all the time.

She introduced me to poor Dr Zorba Paster shortly after I became very ill because she thought he could work a miracle cure. He was on TV after all. It was really kind of funny because we adults kind of waltzed around the kid with platitudes, each knowing that the other wanted nothing to do with this charade. I liked him a lot better after that because he was tactful and kind to my very worried and scared 19 year old daughter.

I’ll give a plug to here. They are the reason I found the Jade Garden. The menu is listed right on line and had I been thinking right and mentioned I was ordering from the website I could have gotten two free egg rolls with my order but I didn’t want egg rolls. I wanted the pancakes.

It ssems incredible to me that they have only been able to get seventeen Madison restaurants to join their service given the many, many restaurants in the vicinity of the University that do deliver or have take out services. Someone needs to till this fertile soil a little deeper.



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