Baseball, City Events, Dane101, LOCAL MEDIA, Madison WI

oh my… I’ve been quoted and linked back to by Dane101. This is like the biggest honor! I am so thrilled that this happened. They liked my Mallards baseball bit. Isn’t that the schnizzle?For those of you (like me) who don’t know, “Dane101 is an online publication for Madison and Dane County. Written by contributors from and familiar with life here, Dane101 is about the persons, events, and issues that shape the region.” (quoted from their about page).

Well I sort of knew they were around and had been to their site before but I wasn’t all that aware of who and what they are. They’ve been around since at least 2005 according to their about page and they’re a “collabrative blog” which means they go in search of blogs like mine to get their news. How interesting and what an honor to be pegged to plug the Mallards!

This is almost as good as getting picked up by the Isthmus. Almost. I should check my email and see if the Dane101 wants to hire me because I’m such a good wiriter. <heeee!> I better send them a Thank you note at least. wowowowow!  Who can I call?



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