Auto-Immune Disorders, City Life, City of Trees, Madison Metro, Mass Transit, traffic congestion

Hand Me My Hat, I’m on My Way Out the door

“I wish I could stand on a busy street corner, hat in hand, and beg people to throw me all their wasted hours”

Bernard Berenson quotes (American art critic, 1865-1959)

It’s been another busy, busy week already, running to Doctors every day! It’s a good thing I like my Doctors. I’m exhausted though. Anyone who thinks this being disabled and on the dole bit is the easy life should think again. It’s a full time job making sure you take your meds correctly on time and getting to the Doctor’s office when you’re supposed to be there.

This week I’ve been taking the bus. Madison Metro has pretty good service even though they’ve had to cut back due to rising costs and lack of patrons during off peak hours. It’s a shame more people don’t give up their cars and ride the bus to relieve the congestion in the downtown area. You couldn’t pay me to get in a car and drive through the istmus or on the Beltline suring the rush hour and even in the off peak hours the traffic is pretty congested but we Midwesterners are definitely attached to our vehicles.

I’ve dared to go back to mass transit because I figure the cold and flu season is over and everybody is feeling pretty healthy so I can take my compromised immune system out amongst the unwashed masses. If I’m really careful and wash my hands a lot, I won’t get impetigo or anything. Sometimes I have seriously considered wearing those thin flesh-colored rubber gloves like surgeons and hypochondriacs wear. Or hell, why not go for broke and get some blue and yellow Rubbermaid dishwashing gloves and coordinate them with my outfit as best I can. ;^) Nothing can get through those suckers!

Spring has finally sprung and all the flowering trees are in bloom. Madison has all these signs proclaiming itself “A City of Trees” so I decided to look that up and found out that we’ve had this title for 18 years and it’s awarded by the National Arbor Foundation in cooperation with the USDA forest Service. I must say it’s a title that is more than deserved. I may be just a wee bit prejudiced but I believe Madison is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been in, all things considered. San Francisco might give it a good run for its money but I only spent 4 days there and didn’t grow to love it.


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