Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

just ordered tickets for my son and grandson and myself for the June 9th Madison Mallards game against the Mankato, MN Moondogs. This minor league baseball is hot stuff folks. Madison has had a great team for awhile now with good attendance and you’ve got to snap those box seats up in a hurry if you want them.We’re part of The Northwoods League. I think that means us and Minnesota and maybe they let Michigan play as a courtesy.

Sillier than snot crap happens on the field between innings that caused my beloved ex, Larry, to say with awe inspired disapproval “That would never happen at Wrigley Field.” Probably not even at The Brewer’s Miller Stadium where things are a little more relaxed but we rednecks have to have a reason to drag our kids out to sit in the hot sun besides baseball bats and statistics.

We also love our beer and the boys, well when they have an audience, they play for keeps. But it is kind of ridiculous to have people chanting “give us another beer” when a batter is about to get three strikes in a row because the house gives half-price off on the beers. Nothing like a stadium full of drunkards because the home team is winning. :^/ Not to mention the poor sportsmanship it shows. Oh well…

But let’s take a look at that name–the Madison Mallards? Yeah, I know…it sucks having a big old Duck for a mascot. A big old yellow and red duck. Quack quack. But I gotta get me one of these hats! It could be worse. We could be the Moondogs and be from MN. Arf Arf.

This would be my GrSon’s first ‘grown-up’ ballgame. He played T-ball last year and is going to play again this summer. I think he’d really have a lot of fun at these games. Maybe he will get chosen to drive one of the miniature Volkswagon Beetles around the baselines in the Kiddie Kar race! He’d love that! Or do something weird to that damn duck.

See I told you silly stuff happens between innings. You should see the stuff the grown-ups do. Larry just sat there and shook his head and kept saying “This is so undignified.” Larry was wound just a little too tight for the minor leagues. I’m for sure going to get Gabe a mini baseball bat souvenir. His Mom and Dad won’t be there to say no, the stinking old spoil sports. That’s why they weren’t invited. <heh>

I think my son is going to enjoy this one because Harley Davidson is going to have a display of their motorcycles there and hey, there is going to be fireworks after the game! Don’t ask me why. I don’t have a clue. Just because we can, I guess. Why not?
If we are amongst the first 1,200 to hit the gate we get a free hat. I didn’t realize that the… errr...Duck Pond (what can I say?) held more than 1,200 people much less more than 5,000! It’s not the hat I want but a hat from a bygone era. Maybe I’ll want it more. One never knows. I wouldn’t spit at it that’s for sure but I really love the yellow one.

I love hats period. In fact, I have a huge collection of hats. I need a Mallards hat. Madison has fielded a lot of baseball teams in its time beginning all the way back in Before we had the Mallards we had a different team–the Muskies I think and before them we had the Wolves. Great team name. Great Mascot. Great Logo. Great Hats. I have one and every once in awhile I wear it.

They were awful. Couldn’t win a game to save their souls. Nobody ever went to their games. Even when they were free which they were most of the time. The Wolves slunk off into the north-woods and were never heard from again. Those losers have all gone back to being farm kids gone to seed heaving bales of hay around.

Ahhhh… summer. Baseball, swimming, riding bikes, chasing fireflies and playing hide and seek after dark while the parents play cards late into the soft warm nights when the cicadas sing.


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