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Drop Me Off At the Three Threes, Please!

I went to the Week Chiropractor Clinic today and took a Badger Cab. The Three Threes is cabby dispatch lingo for the building I live in. I feel so rich when I ride around Madison in a cab but to tell the truth Medical Assistance pays for it, thank the powers that be. I could never afford to do it on my own.
They pay for cab rides to all my Doctors appointments if I have to get there by cab. I try not to abuse that privilege and had I been going anywhere else, I would have taken a bus on such a beautiful day but taking one of those bone jolters after getting your spine adjusted seems like an exercise in futility to me.

My favorite cabby was dispatching today. He recognized my voice and definitely knew the last name. He’s such a nice kid (same age as my son). Badger is a shared ride cab service. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper that way but it can make for some interesting encounters during the journey. You never know how your fellow travelers are going to be dressed, behave or smell. They may be talkative or you might be able to cut the silence with a knife. It can get interesting when the cab gets filled to the hilt with four (or more if one or two are kids who can sit on Mama’s lap) passengers.My favorite driver works with the developmentally challenged kids a lot. Probably because he’s very good with them and they love him. Somehow, I get to ride with him and the kids a lot. Maybe because I don’t mind their quirks and I’m good with them too. Maybe just because I’m in their path.

We had one really interesting experience with a young lady who didn’t want to go to school and refused to get out of the cab. Mike said she had pulled this trick before and they had almost broken her legs getting her out. So he went to get her teacher and while he was gone I asked her how much it would cost me to get her out of the cab nicely.

She said she wasn’t going to school. I told her I didn’t care if she went to school, I just wanted her to get out of the cab so I wasn’t late to my Drs appointment. I pulled a nickle out of my pocket and asked her if she’d get out of the cab for that much. She broke into a big grin and took it and ran out and wrapped herself around a metal fence pole just as the teacher and Mike came out the door.

Mike and I were free to go and it was up to the teacher to get her off the fence. It was the dead of winter so I doubt it took all that long. What a hoot!

I’ve had a bad back since I was eighteen and was with my husband when he rolled half a load of raw sewage down an embankment in Jackson, Michigan. Don’t ask, it wasn’t pleasant. <heh>  We walked away from it seemingly unscathed except for a scrape on my elbow and a bump on his head. But I woke up the next day with a backache that didn’t end 6 1/2 months later when my nine pound 3 ounce son was born.

Drs. Ted and Laura Week keep me on my feet and moving forward. Especially after a nasty fall that reaggravated and added insult to that old injury more than two years ago. Their family has been in the Chiropractic business for 85 years and their father was a good friend of Dr Gonstead of Mt. Horeb

Week’s Chiropract Clinic is on Winnebago Street a short walk from St Vincent DePaul’s Thrift Store on Williamson Street (AKA Willy St) which I will sometimes walk too and then back again to the clinic before I go home because a walk is the best thing to do to let your spine get used to being “in place” after an adjustment. You can really get some good bargains at St Vinny’s. I picked up some brand new dress shirts for my son for a dollar apiece and a brand new brand name jean jacket for myself for a dollar as well as jeans for less than $10.00 for myself just the other day.

I love this city!


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