Circus, Family, Grandchildren

Popcorn! Peanuts! Cotton Candy!

I went to see Harry at Family Services today and then after Harry walked over to the Alliant Energy Center Coliseum to catch the circus with my Grandson Gabe and his Daddy Mike at 4pm.  Mike is a mailman over in Edgerton so he’s got the perfect job to do these fun kinds of things while Mom has the executive position that keeps her at the office until 6 or 7pm some nights.  Of course Dad has to get up at 4am.

I meant to catch a bus because it was drizzling but of course I cut myself too short and missed it. It wasn’t an unpleasant walk though. In fact, it was quite nice if I hadn’t been in such pain from the blisters on the heels of my feet from breaking in my darn kiwi boots yesterday and the damp aggravating my old achy breaky bones. It was a warm spring drizzles sort of spritzy misty good for your complexion damp rain. The grounds around the Coliseum are really quite lovely–small ponds surrounded by lots of willow trees and they are just greening up with leaves.  I thought about Irish country roads while I was walking.  I’ve been reading a Maeve Binchy novel. <heh>

I had hoped to go in and plant my stuff there and sit and read while waiting for them then come back out when it was time for the kids to get there but the security people weren’t having any of that. They weren’t opening the doors until 15 minutes before the show started. Drat it. They did take pity on me and gave me a stool to sit on since I was the first one to get in line. They were all nice old men who were just as bored as I was.

My plans to buy Gabe the biggest silliest most worthless anything he wanted toy were dashed to the ground because his Mom and Dad had already told him he couldn’t have anything. Bummer. I wish they wouldn’t do stuff like that. It ruins the fun for me too. And it just makes the kid pouty when his Dad says no. So it’s a worthless piece of crap and the money is essentially “wasted” in their minds. Seeing that little boy’s face light up for that little bit is worth it and I don’t treat him all that often.

Oh well instead of a toy I bought him AND Daddy and I a few moments of holding a snake. A big old albino python. Getting the picture cost $10.00–the same as a toy. The snake had his mouth sewn shut. I didn’t tell Gabe that. Poor snake.

It certainly wasn’t much of a circus as far as animal acts go. Not compared to the ones they had when I was a kid. Just some dogs, a cute mule act and three elephants in addition to the snake. No lions, tigers. or bears. Probably just as well. I think that’s probably a nasty life for an animal. They were giving elephant rides but Gabe isn’t into that. Nope, not gonna get on the top of no 15 foot tall animal and let it drag me around the room. He’s scared of heights and I don’t think he likes the idea of that trunk either.

He comes by that fear of heights legitimately. It runs in the Gavin Family. I have a pretty strong case of vertigo. I can go up easily enough but gawd help me if I look down. I get really dizzy and want to jump before I fall. It’s a control thing. If I’m going to die damnit, I’m going to die on my terms. I like roller coasters and swinging really high though.

My Dad got me over my fear of swings by forcing the issue. It was cruel but effective. I got my kids and Gabe over their fear of swings by teaching them to swing on their tummies first. As long as their feet can touch the ground and they feel like they have control, then they feel safe and enjoy it.

They only had one clown too. But he was a good clown (or she. I wasn’t sure.) And I’m fairly certain he had clown confederates he was pulling out of the audience to help him with his acts. Particularly with that feisty mule. He/she could really jump rope well too. That’s why I think it might have been a girl. White Boys just can’t jump! <heh>


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