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Carpe` Diem, Baby! Carpe` Diem!

Well I think I’ll just jump right in and start blathering away about my life instead of trying to catch you up to date. After all, I’ve lived 54 and 1/2 years. If I tried to catch you up we’d never get to today and today is the most important day of my life. It’s all I’ve got to live. Yesterday is dead and gone and I might not get to tomorrow so CARPE` DIEM, Baby, Carpe` Diem!

Funny, I just heard a very drunk young man screaming that from somewhere near here. College kids, you gotta love them. It’s Saint Patty’s day and a Saturday which makes for a great deal of revelry! I live in a college town with a big Irish contingency (we have our own parade and everything which I didn’t make AGAIN this year due to circumstances beyond my control) and EVERYONE who is anyone is out drinking green beer to great excess. It’s a grand Madison tradition. I’m not anyone even though I AM Irish. Draft beer that’s been dyed beer makes me urpy and just the thought of getting getting drunk on it makes me queasy. I’d much rather have a New Glarus Brewery Fat Squirrel. They may be Swiss down there in Green County but damn that’s good beer.

Personally I’d probably sit there and nurse some good Irish Whiskey–oh say some Jamesons at the Irish Pub if I wanted to be in on the State Street fun which at my age I’d probably forego so it would be off to the more upscale Brocach Irish Pub on the Capitol Square. If I was going to go out tonight I’d probably get there early for some corned beef and cabbage. Instead, I’m cooking the stuff myself.

I live about 6 blocks from campus and less than a block from the nearest bar so I can hear them ramping up already. Bartime–2am is going to be, well…noisy and the infants probably won’t go straight home tonight. Tomorrow they’ll be peeing blue and the uninitiated will panic. They mostly won’t notice tonight or won’t care. St. Patrick would be so proud his day is being remembered with such jolly good fun.

I also live right across the street from the fire station where the paramedics hang out. They’ll be busy tonight so those sirens will keep me awake too. Once I’m asleep, I don’t even hear them anymore.

But I DO hear gun shots. I woke up to what sounded like pistol shots at 5:21am. I counted 5 popbangs I have no idea how many there were before I started counting but it sounded like they were close enough to be in the same building. Down the hall in fact. Scared the bejesus out of me. I debated whether or not I should call the police and decided I didn’t have enough information to give them.

I went back to sleep until 8am concerned citizen that I am. Then I got up and cleaned house and made the corned beef and cabbage for my son, nephew, and former lover who is now my best friend . It’s a good thing we don’t eat that stuff all the time, it would kill us. I used to make soda bread to go with that meal but that’s just more fattening stuff and the guys are all on diets. heh.

Then my son and nephew took me to see 300. Larry (former lover) wouldn’t go because he’s not into gratuitous violence. I’m not either but I wanted to see it because of the Greek mythology aspects. It was extremely violent and I almost lost my cookies a few times. I probably didn’t watch about half an hour of a 2 hour movie because it was extended battle scenes that weren’t necessary, IMO. How many severed heads do we need to see up close and personal anyway? I don’t get the appeal of that kind of thing.

However, the story surrounding the battle was told well and with some classy touches. I caught quite a bit of iambic pentameter in the dialogue and think there was even a sonnet thrown in there. I thought the acting was well done and whoever it was that played Xerxes was one fine looking dude as was Leonidas. There were a lot of rock hard abs in that movie if you ladies and gentlemen of that persuasion are looking for eye candy plus the usual naked ladies. I enjoyed the movie over all but I wouldn’t buy a copy of it.

So that was mostly my day. I’m discussing Deconstructionism with someone in a political forum that is supposed to welcome all points of view but has a decidedly right wing Christian fundamentalist conservative slant and the long time forum regulars really get over-excited when new liberals walk through the door with their fancy educations and big words. They have called us intellectual elitists! Me, an intellectual elitist! That one gave me the giggles.
They pull out all the stops and go into attack mode. It’s funny but sad because they are watching the administration unravel the same as the rest of us and the more loose ends come untied, the shriller the conservative commentators get.

The person I am talking to has pointed out some of the appeals to authority and use of emotional language to lead the reader to a conclusion that is being used in some of this rhetoric and he got yelled at for nitpicking about nothing and to cut it out. I came to his defense and referred to Jacques Derrida. Derrida would be pretty heady stuff for these people if they are overwhelmed by my “big words.” Hell, Derrida is pretty damn heady stuff for me! I think I sort of “get it” but then again I think maybe I don’t. I’m not sure even Derrida “got it.”

My “friendly” conservatives think I’m just blowing smoke in their eyes and trying to start trouble in *their* forum. One of the friendlier ones admits he is bored by deconstuction and doesn’t understand why we would deconstruct something. He might be a good candidate for conversion to the liberal cause if we can show him how these commentators are manipulating him with propaganda. Or maybe not. He already holds these beliefs so essentially he just sees the people who write these editorials as cheerleaders. At least he’s nice about it and he’s a Pagan.

OK, that’s enough for tonight. I have to take meds and go to bed. Damn, I forgot to pick up a book to read. Guess I need to make a trip to the library.



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